Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Some days Ava gives me a run for my money. Other days she is such a character! I LOVE the things she comes up with these days. She can be so funny and witty. And the matter of fact way she talks kills me.


Every once in a while I like to document things she’s said/done just so I can remember.

  • Have you seen the Big Bang Theory flash mob? We watched it the other night and the Call me, maybe song came on. Ava started singing and then said “I know this song!” and she was belting out the lyrics, only instead of Call me, maybe she sang “Call the navy!” I still giggle thinking of it.
  • She got a new toy over the weekend that Reed liked and he had been holding one of the pieces right before we left. We didn’t remember him having it walking down to the car but Ava just remembered him holding it. She was really upset and was going on and on and then said “Reed had it and he left it at the mall, I just know he did.” We found it upon our return. :)
  • Zach told her to do something the other day and she looked at him for a minute and said “SERIOUSLY?” haha.
  • Every night when we sit down to eat dinner she says, “Mama, how was your great day at work?” I love that every day is great! She likes to ask me if I had projects to work on.
  • Her new toy was a Doc McStuffins toy and every time she went to do a “checkup” she had to sing the Doc song. (I’ve now had the line “it’s okay if you giggle, it will only tickle a little” in my head for days).
  • She has started referring to people by their relations to us, instead of by their name. For example, if she is talking about my sister, instead of saying Stephanie she says “your sister” to me.
  • We have reached the age where if she hears Zach and I talking about something/someone, she wants to know who and what we are talking about.
  • She LOVES drawing right now. Her pictures have gotten so much more elaborate and I’m impressed with things she can draw.
  • She STILL comes up with every excuse in the book to avoid bedtime. The girl does not like to sleep. Most of the time it’s because her belly is bery, bery, bery, bery hungry or thirsty. :)
  • Someone we know is having a baby and she told me the other day that “they will have to burp that baby when it’s born, you know.” I made sure to pass that information along!
  • We made something for dinner one night with flank steak and Ava thought it was chicken. She told us the chicken beef was good and we didn’t correct her. Hey, whatever works.
  • We definitely have hard moments with this girl right now, too. She’s so opinionated and strong willed. I know some day that will be benefit her, but, right now? it’s hard. She was whining at me yesterday morning while I was fixing her hair and after several whines and jerks, I put the brush down and told her to fix it herself. And she did. And I let her go to school like this.IMG_8788

This spunky little girl is so full of life and bring us so much joy and laughter. While there are TRYING, TRYING days, I’m so grateful to be her mom!!!!


{PS – There is some EXCITING NEWS on my SIL’s blog!!!!! GO READ!!!!!!!}

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  1. These are hilarious! Toddlers say the funniest things. Masons current one is if he doesnt want to do something he says "No mommy, next day". As if he has a choice ;)


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