Friday, March 15, 2013

Letting it out: confession style

Let’s confess, shall we? I’m linking up with my faaaaaaaaaaaaab-ulous SIL Leslie for Confessional Friday!

I confess that I’m READY FOR THE WEEKEND!!! Who’s with me?!

I confess that Monday evening when we found Ava in her bed reading to her Mickey Mouse, my momma heart about exploded!IMG_8610

I confess that Reed is a funny kid. He likes to say “cheeeee” when I pull out a camera. Too bad this morning he was still working on some of his breakfast!IMG_8617

I confess that Reed has learned to say the word “mine”. And I confess that he says it three hundred times a day. I also confess that the thought of taping his mouth shut crossed my mind. But I would never do that!

I confess that even though I’m not off next week, I’m excited for spring break because that means I get to sleep a little later and that Zach will be home to do stuff around the house, leaving the evenings free for fun stuff!

I confess that I bought a chore chart from the dollar spot at Target to see if that would help us in making Ava do some chores without a fight. She found it last night and I explained to her how it works. I couldn’t find her and yelled for her and she yelled back that she was in her room picking up so she could get a sticker. I confess that if I’d known it would make it that easy, I would’ve gotten a chore chart years ago!

I confess that Reed fell and got his first major scrape/bruise. He fell the other night and has a night little mark on his forehead!IMG_8622

I confess that if Reed doesn’t start sleeping all night again, I may lose my shiz. I’m seriously over it. I’ve been just going in to comfort him and then leave, and he gets so excited to see one of us that he does a little giggle and then erupts into screaming when he realizes we aren’t getting him out. This has been going on for months and I just want him to sleep again.

I confess that I found Wednesday to be very fascinating watching and waiting to see if a new Pope had been chosen. I almost missed the puff of white smoke but saw it and it was just so cool to witness. I’m excited to see what Pope Francis I does for the Church!

I confess that Ava got mad at me yesterday morning b/c I let Reed push the button to open the garage door. She stomped through the garage, flung open her car door, pushed it a few times and was very vocal. I got on to her and told her to settle down and stop acting that way. As we started driving and I said it was time to start our prayers, she said “Please Jesus, help Mama’s attitude to be better.” Oh yeah, sis? Pot calling the kettle black? I confess that I had to keep myself from laughing out loud!

Thanks for reading my confessions! Anything you need to get off your chest? Feel free to leave in the comments! Happy Friday!!!!


  1. YAY for the weekend! :) I seriously just laughed so hard reading that last one about your attitude! Girlfriend is funny!

  2. That took a while for his first major bruise/scrape! Graham got that pretty early on. : /


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