Monday, March 11, 2013

Since the last time..

Another weekend, come and gone. This week will be BUSY so I have no doubt it will fly by like the others.

Ava and Reed have days where the LOVE each other like here:IMG_8510Other times, like ALL DAY yesterday, they go at it all day long. Le sigh. Who knew the fighting would be soooooooooo prevalent soooooooooo early?

When we make it to school with a few minutes to spare, Ava likes to take pictures with me.IMG_8528 

Wednesday morning Reed woke up feeling crummy. He has allergies that bother him, but he also had a cold and is cutting teeth. He wasn’t too whiny or anything, but you could just tell he didn’t feel like himself.IMG_8543IMG_8547 

On Thursday, Reed turned 17 months old. Here he was exactly one year ago that day.IMG_8554

When dropping off the kids, we usually go to Reed’s class first, but every once in a while, Ava asks to go first, which we did on Friday. Reed felt like a big kid walking in next to Ava.IMG_8566

Reed shared some of his cold germs with me. I got pretty run down just being tired and fighting that but thankfully didn’t feel bad too long, even though some of the cold symptoms have lingered.

Saturday we got Reed some new shoes. He was SO proud of them. In fact, he wouldn’t put his old one back on after I tried the new ones on him. He kept pushing it away and shaking his head so he wore the new ones out of the store. :)IMG_8574

Yesterday Ava woke up VERY early and didn’t take a nap. She sat down on the couch at 6:30 and it wasn’t long until this was happening. She has the cold too so she is a little stuffy and was snoring like mad. It was pretty funny.IMG_8603

Both kids were in bed asleep by 6:45. Which was really like 5:45. Oy.

Zach and Ava have this week left and next week is Spring Break. They are excited and have a few fun things planned! I’m taking one day off to spend with everyone and I’m looking forward to that as well!

Happy Monday to you all! hard to believe it’s already here again!

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