Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sleep interrupted – advice needed!

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had a kid who does this…

Reed has been a great sleeper from early on. He was sleeping through the months at a very young age. (Before you go cursing me and throwing things at me, let me just say that Ava STILL doesn’t always sleep through the night. Where we had a fairly easy time with Reed, we had just as awful a time with Ava. I vividly remember one night where I saw 5:30 am and had not been to sleep yet). In fact, Sunday night, they were BOTH up and down so much we slept like MAYBE 4 hours. Anyway.

Back around November, he started waking up. We thought that it might be related to getting his molars. He also had a couple ear infections in there that we thought were the culprit, but this is still happening. He is cutting his eye teeth so it might be related to that still, but it just seems to be more than pain.

He doesn’t wake up every single night, but I’d say he does about 4-5 nights per week, sometimes several times per night. The thing is, he wakes up SCREAMING hysterically. It almost seems as if he’s had a nightmare and is terrified. Some nights we are able to go in there and make sure he’s got a paci and he’ll calm down. Other nights, the ONLY way to get him to stop screaming is to get him out and hold him.

I don’t think he’s having night terrors because he is fully awake when doing this. Have any of you ever had kids who had nightmares this young??? Were you able to do anything for them? I’m thinking this is probably just something that will need to run its course, but MAN. I miss my good sleeping kid!!

Any thoughts, tips, suggestions?!?!?!?!?!


  1. I have been dealing with this for a few months now, actually! I think it's just a phase at their age.

  2. Sarah,

    Don't rule out night terrors. We suffered this with our eldest who is almost two and even though we thought she was wide awake she never was. Eyes were open and she would be standing at the crib but it was almost like she was sleep walking. In fact some nights it scared her even more when I grabbed her out of the crib which is when we realized that as awake as she seems she wasn't. It was partly a phase in the sense of she became more aware of being in bed and that the room was dark and no mommy or daddy but she was also having intermittent night terrors. We found the best solution was a GLO nightlight set on light blue so she could see it was ok and just soothing her in the rocking chair if needed. The big thing was to lay her down and rub her back to see if she would calm down before we took her out of the crib. 90% of the time this would work and she would fall back asleep and when it failed I would rock her for about 20 min and then tell her it was time to go back to bed. It lasted for about 6 months and then she started to have them less frequently. Now she gets them like 1 every couple of months and as long as we walk in and rub her back she goes back out in about 10 min. Teething just makes it that much worse so stay strong and it will pass.


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