Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013


“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” Matthew 28:6

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating our Risen Lord! Ava had a celebration at school last Thursday and she was excited to wear the cross shirts they made and to hunt eggs.   IMG_8822

We all had the day off on Friday and it was a nice day. We were at home most of the day, with the exception of attending our Good Friday service. I definitely enjoyed an extra day at home with the kids.

Saturday we dyed Easter eggs for the first time. Both kids really enjoyed it. Reed liked putting the egg in the dye and then clapping! Ava was just overall giddy!!!IMG_8851 IMG_8849 

We woke up to rain and thunder on Easter morning. Because the kids went to bed a little later than normal the night before, they slept pretty late. When I went in to get Reed a little after eight, he was sitting like this in his bed! IMG_8859

They had fun digging through their baskets to see what goodies they had!IMG_1549IMG_8860

Ava has a thermos from the Disney store that every time Reed sees, he lunges for it trying to drink out of it. I’m happy to report that he now has his own and he was so excited!IMG_1547 

We were ready for church in time to attempt some photos. Fortunately by this point, it had stopped raining. Unfortunately, the photo session was stressful as usual! It’s hard getting them to cooperate without acting a fool!

This girl is growing WAY too fast. I can’t believe how grown up she is looking. Seriously.IMG_8870IMG_1557

Reed is too cool to take a picture for his dear old mom. A boy’s gotta be on the move, no? Love this crazy boy!IMG_8877

This would’ve been a cute picture except my lens apparently fogged up a bit. Bummer. It’s so hard getting them both to cooperate for a decent picture!!IMG_1567

We headed off to church and had just a couple minutes to spare so we attempted a couple more pictures, and even traded family pics with another family! (Thanks, Sheri!!!!)IMG_1582IMG_1588

After church, I did manage to capture this sweet photo of these two. I love how sweet and angelic they look after making me a hot mess during church! ;)IMG_8909

We had Easter lunch and after that it was time for the big Easter egg hunt. Ava was all about some egg hunting. IMG_8910

This picture of Ava cracks me up. She was a girl on a mission!IMG_8911

Reed enjoyed hunting, too. At our house in the morning, he found out quickly that some of the eggs had gummies in them. He’d pick up an egg, open it, eat the gummies, and then repeat! He wasn’t worried about getting the most egg, just making sure he got what was on the inside!

By the time we were heading home, this little dude was EXHAUSTED!!  IMG_8914

We had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection! I’m ever grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made for us!!!!

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