Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

We had such a great weekend! My FAVORITE days of the week are Fridays when I know that I have a whole TWO days ahead of me for family and just doing whatever it is we want to do!

Friday night I met up with Gwen and Brockette for dinner. These are two fairly new friends of mine and it was SO fun to have dinner. We sat and gabbed for three hours! I’ve gotten to know Gwen just from reading her blog and then twitter/IG. Brockette’s little girl started taking gymnastics at the same time as Ava and we spend the hour chatting. And it turns out the Gwen and Brockette send their children to the same school so they knew who the other was but didn’t really know each other. We laughed SO much and it was just so great to spend some time with new friends. I’ve really spent a lot of time praying about this area of my life and I feel blessed that God has been sending new sweet friends my way! Here I was heading there – excited for some mama time!IMG_9136

Saturday we got up and did some things around the house and grocery shopped and all that jazz. As I was picking up around the house, Reed came to me with a boy and kept saying “bow. bow. bow” and putting it up on his head. So we put it in for him. He then thought he needed some lipstick!


That afternoon Zach played golf while I helped do some setting up for a surprise birthday party for my friend/boss. We had to pick up balloons and a cake and then while we were there and I was pulling the balloons out, her husband drove up in HER car and I think my heart jumped out of my chest! After we set up, Ava felt the need to do some posing for me!IMG_9158

That night, we hired our first non-family baby-sitter. Except she is really family because it was one of my younger cousins. ha! But it was the first time we had someone come to our house and stay with them and put them to bed while we were gone. When we walked in Reed gave her a glare, and then he ran to me crying “mama!!!!!” and I got neeeeeeeeeeeeeervous. We had first planned to just have her come shortly before we needed to leave around 7:15 and put Reed to bed. Then we changed our minds and decided to meet my cousin (who is also my co-worker and friend of my boss as well) and her husband for dinner. So I was super nervous about leaving someone to put Reed to bed. But, we were able to get him to warm up to her in about 10 minutes and they went to play in Ava’s room and we snuck out!!!!!!!IMG_9163

I was sooooooooo relieved! He did cry a little around bed time and wandered around looking for us, but overall he did GREAT! And so did Ava. I’m so glad because this means that maybe Zach and I can get out a little more. We’re not great about date nights just because we’ve been nervous about having a sitter the kids didn’t know all that well. And even though she was my cousin, when we’re at family get togethers, she’s not the one they are around since she’s 15 and they are busy playing. And the only down side was that Ava woke up at 2:15 crying and asking where Emily was.

We had a good time out and the surprise party was really fun! However, I told Zach he better not do anything like that for me b/c I would never want to experience the terror I saw last night!IMG_9168 

We woke up and went to church early on Sunday and then had breakfast. I loved the dress Ava wore so I made her take a picture for me!IMG_9171

The kids both stayed up a little early on Saturday night so they were really tired. We all laid down for naps around noon. I slept for about an hour and then enjoyed some quiet time in the house while everyone else slept longer!

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing a couple of errands, taking care of some projects, and playing outside. It was a wonderful weekend and I’m hopeful for a week just as wonderful!


  1. Pretty mama! And I love Ava's dress! She's such a poser! ;)

  2. A few things, Friday's are my favorite too. Actually, I like Thursday evening too because I know Friday is coming :)
    Also, I can't even handle the cuteness of Ava in that striped dress! She is a doll!

  3. Had sooo much fun with you guys as well! I love GNO!!!


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