Monday, April 22, 2013

The days of our lives

So, I’m a little behind on things. Last Monday, Reed had one shot first thing in the morning. I got a call around 10:30 that he was running fever and just didn’t feel well. I went and picked him up and got him home. I checked his temp and it was 97.9. NO fever. While an afternoon at home with my baby isn’t bad, I hated to waste part of the little sick time I have for an occasion when it wasn’t really necessary.

That evening, we had dinner outside and it was finally warm enough AND dry enough for the kids to drive the jeep around! They had a ball!IMG_9204

Tuesday afternoon, Zach dropped Ava off to me so I could take her to gymnastics and girlfriend was red, sweaty, and HOT! I couldn’t believe how gross she was!IMG_9218  

I took her to her gymnastics class and she was the only one there from her class that night, so she and her teacher joined in with the class above her. Her teacher said she kept up really well and did a great job! She really loves gymnastics! Here she was doing a roll!IMG_9224

My favorite part of the morning is when I get Reed out of his bed. He’s usually standing yelling “MAMA! DADA! A-yuh!” I guess he thinks eventually one of us will come get him!IMG_9236

Ava’s dance recital is coming up and last week she had to dress in full costume for pictures. I snapped one while she was posing for the photographer and my heart almost can’t handle the way she looks here. SO grown up looking. IMG_9246 IMG_9250

Thursday was Zach’s birthday. Ava told him what his present was before he got it.


He originally had plans for after work to meet up with someone to discuss some work stuff so I’d just planned on surprising him with his requested birthday dessert: apple dumplings. His plans got cancelled mid-day so we ended up getting to have dinner with him and having a little celebration!

IMG_9281 IMG_9285 

I never know what each is going to bring! Last week definitely didn’t go quite as planned, but was good nonetheless. However, with so much tragedy around our nation, it’s good to stop and remember to be thankful for our blessings and to pray for those who are hurting and suffering. Also, live life fully. We are not promised tomorrow!

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