Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Some weeks I just don’t feel blogging. When I have the time, I’m either tired, choose work around the house, or have been choosing to spend a little more time just living in the moment. That being said, I don’t want to give this up and I actually have a blog post coming soon on why I blog.

These are little moments that happened last week and while they may just be simple little moments, these are the things that our life is made of and these are the moments I want to look back on in 20 years and smile remembering them!

Reed is kind of obsessed with the iPad (in fact, it’s a little sad, but one of his limited words is i-Pa). We really try not to let him have it all that much but he ALWAYS wants it. I took it away from him the other night after he snuck it and this was the look he gave me.IMG_8794

Some days these two fight like cats and dogs, and other days they really love each other! I’m so grateful to be their mommy!IMG_8804

Ava’s dance recital is coming up next month and her costume finally came in. We had to try it on at dance last week and she is really excited about her “recical”. When we had to order the costume, she asked me if someone was making it or if we had to buy it. I told her someone was making it but that we still had to pay for it. She asked me if it cost a lot, and I told her yes and she told me I could have the money out of her piggy bank to pay for it. Sweet, sweet girl.IMG_8812

We had some nice weather one night last week and we decided to eat dinner outside. The kids LOVED it!  Reed felt like SUCH a big boy getting to sit at the picnic table with Ava!!! he loved it!IMG_8818

Friday morning I was cleaning some stuff up and came across some coupons that I need to cut up. I decided to let Ava do it instead. She loves cutting things and I didn’t have to do it! Win-win!IMG_8838

There isn’t much that I love more than a sleeping baby, no matter how old they get!  IMG_8839

And this kid? His eyes and his smile are enough to melt me! I can’t get enough of him!!!! IMG_8854

So, there you go. That’s the catch up on things we’ve been doing.


  1. andrew is obsessed with the ipad too. i have actually taken to hiding it and he only gets it for 10-20 minutes before bathtime now. what blows me away is that he knows which apps are his!

  2. letting her cut up the coupons is such a cute idea!


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