Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Silly kids

It’s no surprise I love my kids. I mean, duh. But, oh, sometimes those babies just melt my heart!!! Here are a few of the moments from last week that did just that!

As Reed was attempting to learn to blow bubbles, he had several eat the wand moments. I finally poured the bubble solution from his little bottle back into the big one and filled it with water so his belly wouldn’t be filled with bubbles!IMG_9029

I know this is blurry, but sometimes Reed can be such a ham! I love his goofy little self! I mean look at that cheese!IMG_9043

This girl is KILLING me with how grown up she looks lately. I am in such denial that she will be FIVE in less than six months. I just cannot even believe it. IMG_9058

Reed had his 18 month wellness check last week and he decided he needed to wear his sunglasses. He wore them into the building, up the elevator, and all the way into the doctor’s office. Everyone we passed got a good chuckle!


Our kids LOVE being outside so on the days our weather has been warmer, we’ve been having dinner outside. They absolutely LOVE eating at their picnic table!IMG_9072

For the longest time, we always dropped Reed off in his class first. Recently, Ava has asked that she go first some days. One day she was SO proud to show Reed his classroom. Reed was just scared he might be staying in there! IMG_9100

My mom tries to pick the kids up a couple days a week, especially if it’s a day that Zach has something to do after school so that they don’t have to stay until 5:00 when I get off. I was greeted to shouts of “MAMA!!!!!” one day last week. Nothing better. Also, they don’t like pants, or really clothes in general. The less the better. IMG_9108

This boy. I cannot get enough of him. That’s all.IMG_9120

I ordered these cute tumblers for the kids and they were SO excited when we got them!


I wanted to give them a quick wash and Reed kept standing there yelling “MINE!” and “DINK"!” until I could get it in his hands!IMG_9124IMG_9125    

I feel so blessed that I get to be the mom of these two. There are moments that are HARD (like Saturday night when Ava woke up at 2:15 crying because our baby-sitter was gone and proceeded to wake me up for the next hour), but I could not be more thankful that I have two healthy, happy little kids. I am so, so grateful for their little lives!

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  1. I was so excited to discover that my 16 month old loves her sunglasses! And it's so fun that everyone smiles at her :)


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