Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend days

We had planned to celebrate Zach’s birthday with dinner on Friday night, but the kids were so cranky and tired that morning, we decided dinner wouldn’t be very fun or enjoyable so we just decided to do it another time. Zach ended up playing in a golf tournament Friday afternoon so it was just as well. We had a low key evening. Reed and I enjoyed goofing around with the camera.


Saturday I went to an open house to sell Pampered Chef. I knew it wouldn’t be overly busy so I took Ava with me and she enjoyed having some time with me. She also enjoyed “cooking” with my tools.


That evening we went to a birthday party. It was eventful. Ava washed her hands in the bathroom and tossed the towel up on the counter. Well, it ended up on top of a lit candle. I walked by about 10 minutes after (I’d been in there with her and didn’t even notice), and the bathroom was SMOKY! I saw the towel lit and smoldering! I grabbed the towel and threw it in the sink and turned water on and thankfully put it out. The towel had a huge hole in it but thankfully all was ok! WHEW! We may not get invited to any more parties! :) The kids (and adults!) had fun!


Sunday we met Zach’s family in NWA for lunch to celebrate his birthday with them. We had a good visit and ate some yummy food. We also stopped to say hi to Stephen and Leslie since we drove right past their house on the way home. The kids had fun being the center of attention and were definitely put on performances all afternoon!

We got home and started getting stuff ready for the week. The kids have been playing SO well together lately, but it only lasts for a while before someone ends up crying. That day it was Ava. Reed has been bitten several times at school recently and has picked up the habit as well. They were playing so well in Reed’s room and we hear him start to squawk about something and then bickering started and then we heard Ava howl and start crying. He bit the back of her arm and left teeth marks and a bruise. He got punished and he had to tell her sorry and give her a hug. I’m thinking the days of physical fighting are just starting!

We have a low key weekend coming up and I’m SO grateful after the several busy ones we’ve had. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit at home and be!

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