Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend recap

We had a really good weekend! When Zach is gone on school mornings, I have to readjust my schedule a little to make sure we are on time. We had an uneventful Friday morning, and were on time!   IMG_8292

5:30 – I woke up to get ready. 7:18 – We left for school. 7:31 – Arrived at school and dropped the kids off. 7:42 – I got to work. We even had time to take a picture to send Zach to say good morning!IMG_8293

Friday evening after Reed went to bed, Ava and I played some rounds of Princess Candy Land. All went well to the third game and Ava realized I was going to win. She got a little angry and had a fit over losing again, so it turned into an early bed night for her. I hated that it had to end that way, but I had a few QUIET, ALONE hours which are so rare for me to have. I enjoyed them. IMG_8301


Saturday morning we lazed around for a while and I made the kids breakfast. This boy is pure sweetness. IMG_8303

The kids and I made a morning trip to Sam’s and Zach got home right around the time they laid down for naps. Ava never did nap and Reed only took a short nap. After they did that we ran a couple errands. When we were home, Reed decided the best new toy was Zach’s suitcase. He wheeled it all over the house all afternoon and evening! i’ll remember this when we need a distraction. Ha!IMG_8315

My sister was in town to for the weekend and she stopped by for a few minutes Saturday evening to see the kids. Reed was wild and loud and had fun climbing in and out of a box. He posed for this picture and I’ve never seen him show this much cheese!!IMG_8317

Sunday afternoon we had a wedding shower for my cousin and his fiancée who are getting married next month. Ava went with me and wanted to pose before we left. IMG_8323

Ava had fun playing with some cousins at the shower. She loves playing with the little girls in our family. I’m grateful she has these as her “friends” as she calls them. :)IMG_8325

This next week should be a fairly easy one. Zach and Ava are both off school Monday. Reed starts his new class Monday. Hopefully the transition will go smoothly for him. Zach and Ava are going to go make our big mattress purchase tomorrow (we hope). The one we have picked out is on special from the manufacture and we’re going to save some money by getting the king for the price of a queen! SCORE! Next weekend my brother and his family will be in town so we are going to see everyone and I’m excited to squeeze on my nephew. I’m looking forward to a quiet, mundane week (I hope!)!  

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