Monday, June 17, 2013

Days gone by


On Monday…

Monday was pretty boring. the kids wanted to do pictures but no one would cooperate. Normal for them.  IMG_0529

On Tuesday…

For the first time since February, I left Reed at school and HE DIDN’T CRY!!!!!! This was HUGE! I was so thankful and pray we’ve turned a corner b/c I hated starting my day by leaving him screaming. He didn’t look happy in this picture, but he was fine and NOT CRYING!!!IMG_0544

I got home Tuesday and the hats I had ordered for Ava and me for the beach had come in!!! Exciting! I can’t wait to use them and I think Ava looks ADORABLE!IMG_0560IMG_0561

On Wednesday…

We had a second day of no crying at drop off!!!!IMG_0580

Ava spent the day at my grandma’s playing with the little girl cousins who were over there and she came home EXHAUSTED! She fell asleep before 8:00 and that NEVER happens!!!IMG_0608 

On Thursday…

Ava was just being goofy!IMG_0616 

On Friday…

Reed and I were happy it was FRIDAY!IMG_0627

On Friday mornings, Zach has been taking Ava for a breakfast date and to play before they head out to do the grocery shopping. She loves their Friday mornings!IMG_0632

On Saturday…

Friday evening we had gone to the store and while there, picked up a pair of goggles for Ava. She wanted some for the beach and so we finally just got them. She took them to bed with her Friday night, and she woke up and put them on immediately Saturday morning.IMG_0653

After breakfast, I told the kids I needed to sweep before moving on, and the next thing I knew, Reed had the broom and was helping me. He cried when I took it away. I hope his love for sleeping always lasts!!IMG_0661

Saturday, Zach and the kids went to visit his family for the day. I had plans in the evening that had been set for weeks, so they went on with out me. The kids smiled for me before they left. They love to sit on our stoop by the front door.IMG_0664

Now. While I did miss them, I was giddy over having a day all to myself!!!! I went and did some shopping/errands, watched a movie I’d been wanting to see, sat outside in the sun, read a book, and just enjoyed some peace and quiet! I headed over to my friend’s house later in the day for Girls Night In! We had a great time just talking and laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. My friend Misty made this AMAZING sangria as well as a yummy dinner!!IMG_0683

On Sunday…

FATHER’S DAY!!!! I’m so grateful that this guy is the daddy to my kids. He’s a wonderful dad and our kids adore him, as do I!IMG_1681IMG_0687

Reed fed his baby on the way to church today.IMG_0694

Ava wanted to pose for a picture after church!IMG_0697

After church we stopped by our favorite donut place. Ava always wants a “pink donut with sparkles”. I thought it was cute that when Zach ordered, he ordered it just like Ava says, instead of ordering one with sprinkles. :)    IMG_0700

We gave Zach his gifts after we were home. Reed wouldn’t take one without sticking out his tongue. He his a riot these days.IMG_0702

We had rain early in the morning on Sunday, and then it kind of cleared off, and then in the afternoon, it started rolling in again. I had told Ava maybe she could go out and play in it and then it stopped. And then she fell asleep for a late nap. And the rain started again. So Reed played in it. He LOVED it!!!!!  IMG_0717

It was a good week! Ava has swimming lessons this week and I’m excited to see how she does. Hope you all have a great week!

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