Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend fun!

So I mentioned that we had a fun weekend! it was pretty low key and we just spent a lot of time together and it was SO nice. The kids were well behaved, we did some fun things, and we enjoyed just doing fun summery things!

Saturday morning Ava had her last swimming lesson since she missed the first one! We had an errand to run before and we got there a little early so we were sitting the truck and I let Ava out of her seat to sit by Reed. My sister has been trying to teach Reed to say her name and he has said it once but I said something about her and Reed started saying her name. I tried to video it so I could show her and this is what happened. ha!

After lessons, we had lunch and let the kids nap. Zach ran a couple errands and I spent a little time out in the sun reading. That evening for dinner, we made tostadas and Ava loved getting to help make her own!IMG_0797

She also very much loved eating it! I’m so grateful our kids are good eaters and will try new things!


After dinner, we let the kids play outside in the sprinkler for a bit. They loved it as they do anything that has to do with water!


LOVE their smiles!!!


Before heading inside, they got to enjoy an ice cream treat!



We ended the evening by watching Despicable Me. Ava had never seen it and she LOVED it! Reed even sat down and watched a little too and he would laugh at random parts. So cute! It was a great day!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to a birthday party for two of my cousins! The kids swam and they loved it. Ava wasn’t still long enough for me to get any pictures of her swimming! Reed had fun putting his feet in and playing on the steps!


He also took a little time to give us a piano concert!


My aunt also had a pinata she said she’d bought years before and always forgot about it so she pulled it out today. They hung it up and Reed got to have the first try, and he was in HEAVEN! He knew just what to do and I don’t think anyone enjoyed it quite as much as he did!!! I love how happy his little face was!


Reed slept maybe 20 minutes on our way to the party and other than that, had no nap. He was still in a great mood and was so well behaved. We got home, got them cleaned up, and gave them a small dinner and then Reed sat down and asked to watch Mouse. He got through a few minutes and at 6:30, we found him like this!


It was a GREAT weekend. I love ones like this one – laid back, relaxed, and just spending time with my people! Can’t beat it!

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