Monday, June 24, 2013

Days gone by

On Monday…

We woke up to a monsoon! Ava was supposed to start swimming lessons but they were cancelled!

IMG_0721 IMG_0724

On Tuesday…

This was a MUCH prettier day and Ava was excited to go to lessons. Last year’s lessons didn’t go well AT ALL so I was glad she was excited about them this year!

IMG_0741 IMG_0739

Last weekend when Zach and the kids went to visit Zach’s family, my MIL gave the kids their own watering cans. She loves to garden and thought the kids would like their cans. And they do – A LOT! They like to help me water my plants each night!

IMG_0746 IMG_0745

Thanks for these, Nancy! They LOVE them!!! 

On Wednesday…

I headed to work early to get a head start on my day and as Reed was telling me by, he started to blow me a kiss and then he got distracted by his favorite lady, “Mimmie” Mouse! He couldn’t finish the kiss!IMG_0749

On Thursday…

In the mornings when I drop Reed off, he now says “My run!” instead of “my walk” as we are heading into school. So I let him run!


Also? His cowlick? It’s AWFUL! Do you see how long that hair is? I am terrified to cut his hair on my own b/c I don’t EVEN know what to do with this thing. We have an appointment for August and I’m going to get it cleaned up!

On Friday…

Ava had a busy day! She had a play date in the morning, swimming lessons and then grocery shopping with Dad!

She went off the diving board for the first time!!!! I love the look on her face!!!


She LOVED it! She loved it so much in fact she asked to go a 2nd time and to jump on her own!!!!

After lessons, she and Daddy went to Sam’s and they donated to whatever charity they were collecting for this week so she got a treat from them.


We had such a good fun weekend this weekend that I’m going to save those days for a separate post. I’m also going to do a more detailed post about swimming lessons including some videos!!!!

Hope you all have a great week!

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