Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Last year was Ava’s first year of swimming lessons. She has always loved swimming and I had hoped the week would be beneficial. Well, the teacher is the coach of the local swimming team, and he’s just matter of fact and no nonsense. The first day Ava was complaining about a band aid on her finger and he took it off and that just ruined her. She didn’t like “that man” and she spent much of the week crying.

This year we talked about it leading up to it and that he was nice and that there would be no crying. She was pumped and ready to go. She was sad when she woke up Monday and it was just raining buckets! Lessons were cancelled so Tuesday was her first day!

She did great the first day! She even swam without the bubble on her back.

IMG_0739 IMG_0741

Day 2 was alright, but not as good as the first day. She loved swimming, but she didn’t like it when he challenged her and took the bubble off. She could do it, but she got very freaked out when she wouldn’t come up as quickly after jumping in.

Day 3 was a downright disaster. Coupled with more of the same from the day before, she was just pure exhausted and in a bad mood. She hadn’t been napping well and was worn out. She cried most of the lesson especially when her bubble was off and it was pretty much a wasted lesson. She left there and was asleep in about 20 minutes.

Day 4 was MUCH better. She was happy, did what he asked of her and really challenged herself. She saw the class before her going off the diving board and said she wanted to also. The first time she did it, he just kind of dropped her in. I love how he’s almost pushing her out on it!


I was SO proud of her! SO proud! He told her they would do more of that and go down the slide the last day. As I was changing her I told her that I was glad she tried it even though she was scared because sometimes it’s good to try things we are scared of because if we never try them, we might miss out on something so fun! She asked me if I was going to go down the slide with her the next day and I told her probably not, and said “why? are you scared?” I laughed and told her no, and she replied “Well, you might miss out!” ha! At least I know she was listening?! :)

She was pumped for the last day! She swam without her bubble a little, swam two lengths of the pool, a couple times across the deep pool and did several jumps off the board and two turns down the slide!

No fear this time – just going for it!!


She was so fast the 2nd jump I almost missed her!!!!

She loved the slide as well!!!IMG_1695

She did really well this year! He said he thinks if she wouldn’t get so scared without the bubble, she would be swimming. I know she’ll get comfortable being in water without anything and I’m grateful for all she learned this year! He suggested we do one more summer of lessons and he said he’d have her swimming! ha! So, I guess next year we’ll finish her and start Reed! I’m excited to watch her progress!

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