Monday, June 3, 2013

Days gone by

On Monday…

 Ava wore her flag dress in honor of Memorial Day!IMG_0259

We had our first snow cones of the season! Almost all the stands were closed but we found a new one very close to our house and it was VERY good! :)  IMG_0261 IMG_0263

On Tuesday…

I had lunch with Zach and Ava while Zach was working up at school getting some things wrapped up before summer.  IMG_0275

Ava got a gorgeous new headband (stay tuned! Giveaway coming soon for a custom made bow!) and she had to pose! IMG_0280

I love the slower pace in the summer. We have more time to relax and spend time having fun and being silly! IMG_0303

I love that in the above picture, Reed was trying to stick his tongue out and couldn’t quite figure it out!

On Wednesday…

These two snuggled up to watch Mickey Mouse this morning. Ava had Giraffey with her and I love the look Reed is giving it in this picture!IMG_0312

Zach had to work up at school again and I suggested he take Ava’s nap mat so she could lay down if she wanted. She took a nice long nap!IMG_0321 

On Thursday…

Ava looks so grown up to me in this picture!IMG_0335

Ava spent just a few minutes with me at work and occupied her time by drawing me a picture!  IMG_0341

Reed didn’t find using his fork to be as effective as just picking up his bowl and eating straight from it. IMG_0344

On Friday…

Reed had a doctor appointment (more on this in an upcoming post) and afterward we had a quick lunch date! IMG_0350

At dinner that night, the humidity had made his hair stick out! Love it! IMG_0370 

We spent a good portion of our evening watching the weather in OKC with the tornados going through as my parents were in the path. They were underground and safe. I hate that they’ve moved to the tornado mecca of the US.IMG_0367


On Saturday…

Reed loves making himself at home on Ava’s bed. He especially loves it when Ava is gone with one of us and he can go in there and have free reign.



On Sunday…

Reed let out his inner Picasso and drew a masterpiece on the back door. Thankfully it was just crayon and thankfully it was on a window and not the wall.IMG_0381

Me and my beautiful girl! I’m going to need her to stop growing!!!


Hope you all have a good week!!!!

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