Friday, May 31, 2013

Help the Mills – a family affected by the Moore tornado


Blogging has opened up a world of meeting people from all other. You learn about others’ lives and you feel like you know each other. Last week, Heather, someone I only know from blogging/Twitter, lost her home in the tornado that ripped through Moore, OK. To make matters worse, they also lost their home in the 1999 Moore tornado. Heather’s family is all fine, but they’ve been left with their house in shambles and many of their possessions simply gone. You can read more about their experience HERE.

They are staying somewhere temporary and they need to replace kitchen items! Without essential items, they are unable to cook! I have set up an online Pampered Chef party. All orders from this party will help build rewards that Heather will be able to use to purchase the items she needs. So, if you’ve been needing maybe just one thing, now would be a GREAT time to make that purchase as the proceeds would go to help a family who really needs it! If you would like to make a personal purchase, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

Others have also asked about purchasing items for them. At this time, Heather is unsure of exactly all they need. If you are interested in doing something for Heather, please use the contact button on the top of my page to email me and i will send you details on how you can help!

I wanted to just highlight a few items that are my favorite or that would be perfect for Father’s Day!


Mix ‘n Chop – this is one of the most popular items I sell.

You can use it to chop and crumble meat as you cook it. I


Large Micro Cooker -  perfect way to steam veggies and even pasta!


Classic Batter Bowl – These are THE BEST. I have two and also the smaller version.


BBQ Corn & Skewer Rack – this is a great way to grill corn or kebabs and keep

them off the flame to prevent charring!!

BBQ Grill Tray – a great way to grill anything, including smaller things like shrimp!

Cut-N-Seal®this is great for cutting crusts off a sandwich for a little one! We

use ours almost every day for Ava’s lunch!



These are just a SMALL few of the items from Pampered Chef that I love. Each person that places an order, either for themselves or for the Mills, will be entered into a drawing and one lucky person will receive an item chosen by me from me! Also, please share this with anyone who may be interested. The more orders that are received mean the more money Heather will have to pick out items that they need! Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity and help!



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