Monday, May 13, 2013

Days gone by

I really liked the recap I did last Monday of our week before and I think that is going to be my new format from now on!

On Monday…

We used to drop Reed off first in the mornings and now Ava asks if she can go first some days so we try to rotate. Usually, Reed doesn’t like to be put down in Ava’s classroom. This day he let her show him the reading corner and some toys. She was SO proud.IMG_9760

There are days that these two fight with each other all day long, but lately they are being so nice to each other. Love how Ava has his hand! IMG_9767

On Tuesday…

I attempted to get a picture of the kids in the morning. Either one of them isn’t looking or Reed won’t stay sitting. And you end up with photos like these!IMG_9775IMG_9774

Ava’s prayer on the way to school was so sweet and I never want to forget it:


Reed enjoyed a little swinging that afternoon.IMG_9790

I made another batch of cake pops for someone at work. I’ve really gotten a good method down lately. I’m going to do an updated post soon with some more tips. IMG_9768   

On Wednesday…

I make big batches of pancakes at a time because my kids LOVE them. I freeze them and then pull them out in the morning. Wednesday was the day to make another batch.IMG_9813

Reed likes to climb. He also hates dirt and grass on his feet.IMG_9809IMG_9808

We also got Ava’s dance photos. I was really disappointed in them. The coloring is AWFUL. Here’s a comparison of it to one I took.IMG_9818

On Thursday…

Ava and I had a dentist appointment. Ava loves going to the dentist.IMG_9823

Zach had his end of year concert that night. He pulled out his saxophone and played with the kids. He did a great job and the audience loved it!IMG_9835 

On Friday…

Just a normal day. Nothing special to document!

On Saturday…

Saturday was a busy but fun day. It ended with us having dinner (probably the last one) at my mom and dad’s house and Stephen and Leslie came down. The kids love playing with anyone who comes and will play with them, but Ava likes Uncle Stephen a lot (probably b/c he acts like a kid with them!).

Ava pushed Stephen on the swing.


Stephen and Reed had a little swinging time together!IMG_9880

And Reed insisted on feeding himself cake ALL by himself.IMG_9885

On Sunday…

We got up and went to early church. Reed was a handful. I had our diaper bag because I thought I smelled a dirty diaper, So that meant my phone was with me and I snapped a quick photo of the rascal.IMG_9897

After that we went to eat breakfast which was also a bit of a struggle. The kids were just both really tired and not overly happy. We came home and they rested and I laid in bed for a bit and caught up on some DVRed shows. Zach cleaned my car for me (WOOHOO!!!!) and they also showered me with a new purse I’d wanted! We had a nice dinner at home and ate outside.IMG_9904

I tried multiple times throughout the day for these two to cooperate for a picture with me. So not easy! Lots of attempts!IMG_9929 We finally got one, though it took an act of Congress and some twirling around to make Reed happy.


This week is going to be BUSY for us as have several rehearsals to get ready for Ava’s recital next weekend. It’s also the next to last week of school. We are in the HOME STRETCH!!!!!


  1. Yeah, my attempts at pics with Cohen yesterday didn't work out. ;) Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  2. 1. I'm excited about a cake pops post!
    2. I keep meaning to freeze some pancakes! Sounds like a great idea
    3. That dance photo is depressing. What in the world. Glad you took one!


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