Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Days gone by

On Sunday past…

The kids had a little play-doh time while I did some work in the kitchen and Zach was gone.


We also played outside for a little while.


The kids were so rambunctious that day. They were picking at each other and arguing and just all around messes. They *ALMOST* redeemed themselves by laying down to watch Mickey together that night.IMG_0127

However, that all went out the window when they started getting on each other’s pillows and kicking each other under blankets and telling on each other about those things.

On Monday…

We had some bad storms from the same line that demolished Moore that same afternoon. There was a tornado that touched down about 20 miles from us and that storm was headed straight toward us.  I am usually pretty calm in storms, but this one scared me. We’ve gotten in our safe spot two times since we’ve lived here, and Monday was the 2nd time. Reed was asleep and stayed asleep, thankfully. Ava stayed in there even after we told her to come out. I finally got her out and she laid down in our bed with me while Zach made sure everything was past.


On Tuesday…

It was pouring down rain and we had the preschool parents breakfast at school. It’s a nice breakfast and many of the teachers serve us. Even Reed got to eat and he was a happy boy!

IMG_0143 IMG_0144 IMG_0153

Zach had to be at his school’s graduation that night so I had to wrestle Reed during gymnastics. That was fun. Or not. he spent the first 30 minutes fighting me and yelling “A-YUH!!!” over and over because he wanted to do gymnastics with her. IMG_0176

On Wednesday….

I honestly don’t even remember what we did on Wednesday. Must not have been a very impressive day.

On Thursday…

The kids were happy walking into school.IMG_0185 

On Friday…

Friday was the last day of school. Both kids have changed since the first day!

IMG_0211 IMG_0207

On Saturday…

We had a pretty lazy day. I went and said goodbye to my childhood home. It was harder than I expected.

“Won’t take nothing but a memory, from the house that built me.”IMG_0217

So many memories inside these walls.IMG_0235

Ava’s first and last time to swing on the swing set there – in June 2009 and on Saturday. IMG_0236

The kids laid down together before naptime to watch a show in Ava’s room. They are cute when they are nice to each other.IMG_0238

That evening we went to a graduation party for one of my cousin’s. The kids enjoyed putting their feet in the swimming pool and Ava had a blast swimming. We saw what our trip to the beach will look like – Ava not getting out of the water and us trying to prevent Reed from jumping IN the water.


We also said goodbye to my parents at the end of the party as they left Sunday. Lots of tears. There still are. Will talk about it more some other time. Maybe.

On Sunday…

Early Church. It was a pretty nice morning so after church we took the kids to the park before it got too hot and too crowded. Ava had some wicked static electricity from the slide.

IMG_0248 IMG_0255

We had a fairly quiet Sunday afternoon after that. I was just grateful to have one extra day off work! Hope you have a happy week!

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