Monday, May 20, 2013

Days gone by


On Monday…

I got a text from Reed’s teacher. She sad he picked a flower, brought it to her and said “mama!” Such a sweet boy.


Zach & Ava were at a recital practice this evening so I let Reed have an extra long bath and he loved it! IMG_9950

On Tuesday…

I attempted pictures before school because Ava wanted to take them. Of course we had a slew of them. These two are a mess.  IMG_9975

Reed has an attachment to one of his “night-nights” and carries it around the house like Linus from Charlie Brown.  IMG_9995

On Wednesday…

Ava ate her favorite pancakes for breakfast! IMG_9997

Ava asked if we could make a funny face picture before school.IMG_0002 

On Thursday…

Reed didn’t want a picture going into school. He was mad b/c he wanted to walk. He kept saying “my walk”. I usually let him walk once we have gotten across the parking lot.


On Friday…

Reed got to run into school. His little legs can’t go quite as fast as he would like. IMG_0038 

Ava had her dress rehearsal for her dance recital. She was very excited. She danced her little heart out during her dances and she turned during the ballet dance and slipped and fell. I felt so bad for her. Her little face was stunned, but she got right back up and finished. She did so great and I was so proud of her. She is the 2nd from the right in the red.


On Saturday….

It was recital day! Ava had a ball. She loved wearing makeup and getting dolled up and we could see how much she really enjoys dancing. I’ll do a separate post on the recital. IMG_0096

On Sunday…

We had a “fun” morning in church with Reed who was very loud and obnoxious. That was fun. Or not. It seems that the terrible twos have made a very early appearance at our house. Both kids were in RARE form the whole day. I can’t say I was sad to be going back to work on Monday….

After church, we stopped and picked up donuts to take home (after Ava proceeded to sob that we weren’t going to eat breakfast with my parents). Reed sampled a donut hole on the way home. IMG_0109 

We spent the rest of the day recouping – we were out late Saturday night (for the kids at least), and they were tired. Reed took a 3.5 hour nap Sunday afternoon, Ava took a 2.5 hour one, and Zach and I both slept for 2 hours! We have a few things going on this week as it’s the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! cannot believe the year is already over!!!! Where did the time go?!


  1. How cute is he in the picture where he doesn't want to take a picture :) Also, I think it's awesome that his teachers send you pictures during the day!

  2. Love your weekly play by play posts! I need to start doing more of those!


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