Monday, May 6, 2013

Days gone by

What did we do last week? Well, let me tell you.

On Monday…

I made dinner in the crockpot because Zach had to work late and knew we needed something fast when we got home because Reed is starving about that time. He ate like someone might take his food from him! Look at that wild hair!IMG_9575

On Tuesday…

I took this photo of the kids as we were walking into school. I look at this picture and feel so much. I see a glimpse of Ava as a teenager here. She just looks SO grown up. And Reed? Is he not adorable? IMG_9585

Tuesday afternoon went a little haywire for me at work. A problem arose and I spent the last hours of my day dealing with it. I worked over an hour later than normal while Zach handled gymnastics and wrangling Reed. I was worn out by the time I laid down and Ava was having trouble sleeping and asked to lay with me. It’s amazing how a crazy day can be erased in an instant with a sweet moment like this. IMG_9606

On Wednesday…

It was pajama day for the kids at school. I am sharing a few photos here to show you all of Reed’s hilarious faces. He is such a goofball.   IMG_9752IMG_9753 In this one, he had fallen over and got some grass on his hands and was worried about it.IMG_9755IMG_9622


On Thursday…

We did not do anything worthy of taking a picture. :) I’m trying to think back and honestly don’t remember Thursday. ha!

On Friday…

We had a really quiet evening. We met up after work and did a quick trip at Sam’s. We picked up one of their pizzas for dinner and it was a relaxing night. I also cleaned out our refrigerator (we are some exciting people, no?!?!) and these crazies think it’s fun to sit in the door if it’s ever open more than a few seconds. IMG_9683

On Friday nights, Ava and I like to lay in my bed and we usually watch one of her movies or shows. Friday night we watched a show about Disneyland and she was SO excited about it. We need to get that girl there. We also like to be goofy. :)


On Saturday…

We were a little lazy. It was rainy and cool and it was just a good day to lay low. We did a few things but took it pretty easy. Reed enjoyed his lunch tremendously.  IMG_9731

Ava had asked if we could have Mexican for dinner. However, Reed boycotted his nap for the day and was soooooooooooooo cranky that it just wouldn’t have been fun to take him to eat. So Zach took Ava to dinner while I stayed home and she had a great time! IMG_9733

Reed thought a good place to fall asleep was on his daddy that night. IMG_9734

On Sunday…

We had to take another trip to the walk in clinic. On Saturday, Ava told me her neck hurt. When I looked at it, I started feeling around and noticed she had a swollen lymph node on the side of her neck. We decided to see how it was Sunday. When she was talking, she sounded like she had some head congestion so we decided to just get her checked out.  IMG_9736

Diagnosis: Throat infection. Not strep. The doctor said her tonsils were very infected. She’s on an antibiotic and will hopefully be cleared up soon. She doesn’t really feel bad so I’m glad she said her neck hurt. Once again, the only visible symptom was a swollen lymph node.

We worked around the house and got it cleaned. We also did a lot of prepping for stuff this week. Toward the end of the day, we let Reed enjoy a Mickey Mouse episode. The kid loves “mou”. :) IMG_9741

There you go! The highlights of our week. They fly by anymore! I can’t believe it’s already May! Hope you all have a great week!


  1. I hear you! The weeks seem to fly by! :) Cute kiddos, as always!

  2. Andrew has that same dumptruck! :) you have such a beautiful family! :)

  3. that boy is killing me! hahaha! And both their eyes are so pretty!


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