Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to the grind

The weekend felt like it was over before it started. We got A LOT done but still managed to have a lot of down time, too. That’s the perfect weekend if you ask me!

Last week was pretty quiet around here. The kids were funny, per usual. If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen a lot of these.

Reed thinks he can’t be seen when he hides behind these cabinet doors. Then he flings them open and says “HI EVERYBODY!”IMG_4931

Tuesday evenings Zach takes Ava to gymnastics while I bring Reed home and get dinner ready. Reed and i both enjoy this hour at home alone that we get each week!  IMG_4949 

Thursday evening we met Lexie, Jared, and Sophie for dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants!! Ava LOVES little babies and she loves trying to make Sophie smile!!!  IMG_4988

Ava’s favorite song right now is “Let it Go” from Frozen (as I’m sure is the case with a large population of little girls right now). She sings with her hands and acts like she is performing when she sings it. The other morning after she gave this “performance” she said “I’m gonna be a pop star when I get big.” :) IMG_5015

Friday evening was low key. Ava decided to dress up and give us another performance. IMG_5019

Reed has been asking for underwear even though he’s not really ready to potty train yet. He’s been talking about Mickey underwear and we told him maybe we’d get some when we went to the store this weekend. Zach went to groceries Saturday morning and when he got home, Reed opened the door to the garage and asked him “Did you get my underwear?” He was SO excited when he found out Zach had gotten some! He wore a pair over his diaper for the rest of the day. Ha!IMG_5034

After we got home from church on Sunday, we finished working around our house and then had a quiet afternoon. Ava is always and forever doing some kind of gymnastics in the living room and she wanted me to take a picture of her doing it. IMG_5047

I started reading Gone Girl this weekend. (I’m behind, I know) So far I really like it. I wish I had more time off so I could read more but I’ll probably have to wait until next weekend to finish it as I just don’t have much time to read during the week. I also worked on getting our stuff ready to get our taxes done. Is it ironic that I’m an accountant but have someone else do my taxes? It’s just easier. Ha!

I’m hopeful for another good week. We have a follow up for Reed at the ACH Clinic in NWA. Our doctor and nurse fly up there once a month. I’m SO glad to only have to travel a little over an hour for this one instead of all the way to LR and back!!! His chin is healing nicely so hopefully we will get a good report! I hope you all have a great week!!!

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  1. I'm pretty sure even I can sing "Let it Go" by now. Sofia records herself singing it in videos on her ipad and then follows me around so I can watch them. I appreciate the creativity, but man, this song is getting old fast!!


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