Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mid-week randoms

We’ve had a good week so far. Zach and Ava enjoyed a morning together on Monday. They had breakfast at Chick-fil-a together and then Ava played while Zach did some school reading.IMG_5108 

Zach had a lesson later in the morning and Ava played in his room while he did that. After that, they met me for lunch! Love getting to see my people in the middle of the day!IMG_5087 

After lunch, they went to pick up Reed and both kids went home and took really long naps! I think it was a fun afternoon for Zach!!!! :)

Monday night I snapped this photo of Reed when I went to turn the lamp off in his room. I love me a sleeping baby.IMG_5064

Tuesday morning Reed decided he didn’t want to go to school (as he does most mornings). He always tries to tell me it’s not a school day or it’s a stay home day. This day he told me “I just want stay home alone.”  IMG_5096 

Tuesday nights are gymnastics nights and Ava is learning so much. She really enjoys going and after having a brief meltdown last week because she had a new (male) teacher, she’s excited because they are learning new, harder things!IMG_5109 

I mentioned in my last post that Reed had been asking for underwear. My mom picked the kids up on Tuesday and called me to tell me that Reed had been sitting on the potty when she got there. He hadn’t done anything but was trying. She called me later when they were at my grandma’s house to tell me that he’d gone #2 in the potty. She said it terrified him afterward and he cried hysterically! Poor kid! I picked him up yesterday and when I walked in, his teacher told him to tell me what he did and he said he’d gone potty on the big potty!!!!!     IMG_5101

We certainly weren’t planning to attempt this already, but if he’s showing interest and wants to do it, then by all means we’ll let him. On Tuesday, he was having trouble going potty and when he does that, he says “my poo-poo hurts.” He had been crying and his teacher asked him if his belly hurt and he said no, told her what hurt and she asked him if he wanted to try sitting on the potty. So then the next day, other kids were lining up for the potty and he went to tell his teacher that his belly hurt b/c he thought that meant he’d get to try the potty! Love how their little minds are so capable of thinking advanced thoughts!

We had a quiet night last night and had some leftover soup for dinner. Both kids love potato soup and Reed gobbled his up and as I was putting things away he held out his bowl and said “More soup, please!” IMG_5104

Aunt Stephanie came to see us last night for a few minutes to drop off a gift for Ava. She’d ordered this for Ava for Christmas but it came a little late. Ava can’t wait to wear it without her pj bottoms! :)IMG_5105

This morning Reed and I are headed to NWA for his follow up with his doctor from ACH. We’re hoping to have a quick visit with a good report. His hole has closed nicely and looks so much better!IMG_5091

I will be sure to update with a report from the doctor! Hope you’re having a good week!

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