Friday, January 10, 2014

Return of Confessional Friday

It’s been a while since I confessed so I am linking up with my awesome SIL Leslie for Confessional Friday today!!!

I confess that the ice on Wednesday made life a little crazy. Zach and the kids both dismissed at 1:00. I had to get the kids and take them back to work which, I confess, was like a three ring circus. I also confess that finally had to give them part of my lunch to shut them up keep them quiet until Zach got them. IMG_4747 IMG_4760 IMG_4768 IMG_4770

I confess that Wednesday night I went to check on Ava before I went to bed and found her sleeping so sweetly and peacefully. I confess I had to get my phone and snap this sweet picture of her. I don’t care how old they get, I still love me a sleeping kid.IMG_4788

I confess that  while seeing way too many of scenes like this: IMG_4821

it really was pretty on our drive to Little Rock yesterday.IMG_4796

I confess that yesterday’s visit to ACH was hell NOT pleasant. They had to strap Reed into the papoose that was up on this bed.  IMG_4827

They used a small pair of scissors to slice open his chin. Zach said the amount of gunk that came out of his chin was unreal. I confess I’m glad I wasn’t in there to see that. Because school was closed due to weather, we had to take Ava with us. She and I left the room while he was getting his chin cleaned out. We were in a room three doors down and could hear him screaming from there. :( He has an antibiotic swabbed gauze stuck in the wound that we have to leave in until Saturday and then take it out! I confess that this job will be done by Zach b/c there’s NO WAY I could handle pulling that thing out!!!!!!!!!

I PROUDLY confess that this little boy is so very brave. He has been through SO much over the last nine months as we have dealt with this cyst. He handles these procedures SO well and he is so resilient. I’m so so very proud of him! IMG_4841IMG_4843

I confess this mess with Reed’s chin has been so trying. It’s exhausting – mentally, emotionally, and physically. As we were leaving the hospital yesterday, the doctor said “We will get him better.” And I know they will. But I confess that I hope it’s soon because  I’m getting sick of fluids coming out of that boy’s chin.

I also confess that my house needs some major damage control, but I’m tempted to spend the weekend sitting on my bum being lazy!

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. I think you've earned a weekend of being lazy!!

  2. Poor little guy! But the pictures of the kids are adorable.

  3. Hi Sarah! I found your blog from the linkup! Our roads/ditches/medians here in Alaska are looking' a lot like yours. :(

  4. Came over from Leslie's link up.
    Poor guy is braver then I am, that sounds like it's so painful


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