Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend happenings

Hello, friends! Hope you all had a good weekend. We certainly did! We’ve gotten in a pretty good routine around our house putting forth a little more effort putting things away and keeping stuff picked up during the week so that equals less time needed for it on the weekends, which I LOVE!

Before we recount the week, let me talk about Reed’s follow up appointment. We had an early morning appointment in Lowell Thursday morning. Reed was fine until they called his name and wanted to start checking his weight, height, etc. He wasn’t having any of that stuff.IMG_5113

The doctor came in and checked out the chin. He said for now it looks great. He said we are back to the waiting game. We have to just sit tight and wait and see if this cyst returns again. While the presence of fluid doesn’t necessarily mean it will return, it does mean that he has an increased risk of it returning. If we don’t have any issues, we will go back for another visit in July. If anything comes up, then we call them.   IMG_5127

Thursday night I saw that a new cupcake shop opening soon, Bliss Cupcakes, was giving away some cupcakes on some different social media sites. I actually won one of the 1/2 dozen they were giving away! We went and picked them up, and oh my, were they good!!!!!! I can’t wait until they open up shop here!IMG_5128

The kids were excited to try them! Also, I love how Reed is looking at Ava here. He always looks to her to see what she’s doing and then often times mimics her. For all the fighting they do, they sure do love each other.IMG_5149

When I showed Ava a picture of the cupcakes, she called dibs on the chocolate one! I would say she enjoyed it! IMG_5142 IMG_5146

Zach was gone to a basketball game that night so when it was time for Reed to go to bed, we got to sit and snuggle in Daddy’s chair since he wasn’t home!  IMG_5153

Friday morning means that we are happy people! It’s our last day of work and school for the week and we have a whole weekend ahead of us!  IMG_5164

Saturday morning we met some friends for a breakfast play date at Chick-fil-a. The kids had fun playing for about an hour. When it was time to go, Reed didn’t want to leave and thought sitting under the table might prevent him from having to leave. IMG_5168

Saturday afternoon was warm and gorgeous so we spent some time playing outside! The kids had fun and it helped burn off a little of their wild energy! IMG_5183

Reed wanted to take a picture before church yesterday. My little boy is growing up so quickly!!!! IMG_5202

The weekend feels like it was over before it began as always, but we had a good one! Ready to do this week and get on to the next weekend!

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