Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First day of school 2015

Monday was the first day of school for Zach, Ava, and Reed! It was a big day for each of them! We worked hard to get everything set the night before so that we’d have a smooth morning and thankfully it worked out. Everyone got ready easily and on time and everyone took great photos! That’s RARE so not taken for granted! :)

We got the kids into bed and asleep relatively early, considering we’d been pretty lax with bedtimes over the summer. IMG_3585 IMG_3589

Ava woke up earlier than she had to and came running into our room and said loudly “IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!” She was very excited. Reed was pretty excited, too. Reed is going through this phase where he says he can’t smile if the sun is out at all because it’s too bright, regardless of if he is in the shade or in the sun. I told him we had to hurry up and get outside for our pictures before the sun came up! Thank goodness it worked! :)IMG_3593 IMG_3601IMG_3609 

I make Zach take a first day photo every year. I know he probably hates it, but oh well. He obliges. And of course we had to document his first day in his new position. IMG_3631 IMG_3634

Since Zach had to be at school early, I had to drop off all three kids. Thankfully Grant got into a daycare that’s close to everything – Zach’s school, the kids’ school, and my work. I dropped Grant off and then took the big kids. They were pretty excited! We didn’t have any tears and if you know Reed at all, you know this is HUGE!IMG_3648 IMG_3655 IMG_3660 IMG_3661

I saw this picture on the school facebook page yesterday. I’m so thankful for a school where they keep us updated on the kids’ progress through the day! IMG_3667

Reed’s sweet teacher sent me this photo of him sleeping that day. That was probably his first nap in months! ha! Too bad it made him stay up until almost 10:00 Monday night! :)IMG_3668

Everyone had a great first day. The kids came home all bubbly and talking happily about their days. They were ready to head back for a second day!

And this little guy…. he’s having some trouble sleeping and taking good naps at daycare! It’s been hard because he comes home and goes to sleep and we don’t get to see him awake. IMG_3674

Thankfully, he slept much better yesterday. He had about three hours worth of naps instead of just one. He was a happy boy and I was so happy to see him awake for a while! IMG_3692  IMG_3697 

I mean, really. Is he not just the cutest little thing??!!!!IMG_3699IMG_3700

I’m hoping that the kids’ and Zach’s years are wonderful and fruitful. I’m also hopeful Grant continues sleeping at daycare and thrives there!


  1. I am so impressed that you got so many good pictures on the first day, rockstar momma!!!! And Grant's dimples!? I die!

  2. Yay for a great first day! I need your secret for getting ready ON TIME, and having time for pics!! I can't even do it with just two kids. ;) All your kids are so beautiful!

  3. Love all the photos and Grant is adorable. I love his dimple so much. Have a great rest of your week.


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