Monday, August 10, 2015

June Photo Favorites

These are just some random photos from the month of June. It has been a laid back, low key summer and it has been absolutely perfect.

I think I spent the first two or three weeks of my leave not doing much more than this. IMG_1019

Ava is never very far from Grant, still to this day. She loves that baby boy. She’s come a long way from the tears she cried when she found out he was a boy! IMG_1063

Ava took a tennis camp one week during the summer. She enjoyed it! IMG_1069

The day Grant turned three weeks old, we had to be in Little Rock (about 3 hours away) at 8:45 for an appointment at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. He has something that has to be fixed surgically and this was our initial appointment. His surgery will be November 19. Let me tell you, getting all five of us up and out the door in time for this appointment was quite the challenge! IMG_1093

This boy LOVES his sleep!


One afternoon Ava came running into where I was doing some work and told me to come look and that all of our boys were asleep! :) IMG_1150

He is sooooooooo sweet! IMG_1233

One evening we met some of Reed’s friends for a play date at Chick-fil-a. He likes the girls! :) IMG_1307

Love this sleeping boy! IMG_1337

Ava can be a huge help with Grant sometimes! If he is fussing and I have something I need to do, she will hold him and often she gets him to go to sleep! IMG_1373

It’s funny how a kid can always say they aren’t tired but then the second they stop they crash! Reed fell asleep by my dad one evening after protesting that he just couldn’t sleep! IMG_1380

This was on Father’s Day. I’m a lucky lady! IMG_1505

I love peeking on Grant when he sleeps because he is just so precious. One day I unswaddled him to start waking him up to eat and he just laid there so perfectly still and peaceful. IMG_1584 IMG_1588

Life is hard when you are the baby!IMG_1726


  1. I just love him!!! And when did Ava turn into a teenager?!?!?

    Love and Hugs,

  2. Oh my goodness, so many adorable photos Sarah! You have an absolute beautiful family and I can't believe how grown up Ava and Reed look! Sheesh, time just zoom

    1. Darn, my comment got cut off. So yeah time just zooms for sure and cheers to the rest of a great summer.


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