Thursday, August 20, 2015

Three months old

Grant, you are three months old today! Time is just flying by and you are getting so big! I can’t believe we’ve had you for three months. It feels like just yesterday we were waiting on you to arrive, yet it feels like you’ve been in our family forever.

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Let’s see what life is like for you at three months old:

  • I have put you in some 6 month clothes and you are almost too long for them! You have limited time in your three month clothes.
  • You’ve grown a lot this past month, but I have no idea how much you weigh.
  • You still wear size 1 diapers but will probably be in size 2 very soon.
  • You rolled from your tummy to your back this month. Ava and I got to see you do it and we recorded it and cheered you on and then sent the video to Daddy.
  • You nurse in the morning when you wake up and have three 3-4 oz bottles while you are at school and then nurse again at bedtime.
  • You like to go to sleep around 8:00 and then you wake up around 6:00. To go to sleep, you like to just lay down in your bed and go to sleep some nights, but you also let mommy or daddy rock you some nights.
  • You follow things with your eyes very well and love to look all around.
  • You have become obsessed with sucking on your hands. As soon as I unswaddle you in the morning, you immediately put your hands in your mouth. Sometimes when you are laying somewhere and we are doing things around the house, we hear a LOUD sucking sound and it is you eating those hands!
  • You are talking and cooing.
  • You LOVE your sister! She loves you too! (And so does Reed, but he doesn’t show it as much). They both have to kiss you goodbye every morning before you leave!IMG_3546
  • You obviously started daycare this month. You seem to like it there and hopefully will get fully adjusted soon.
  • You scream in the car when we are sitting still waiting to turn or at a stoplight.
  • You are a smiley boy!
  • You have a spot on your forehead that seems to be ticklish and you smile when daddy touches it.
  • You are the sweetest, cuddliest little boy.
  • You are still such a good baby. People ask me all the time if you ever cry. (The answer is yes)

Grant, you are such an absolute dream baby. You are the most precious little boy and I seriously cannot imagine life without you. You just fit in our family so perfectly and I’m so proud to be your momma. My heart bursts with pride over you and I am so thankful for you. I cannot wait to watch you continue to grow and look forward to what the next month brings us. I hope you always know how much I love you, my sweet little guy.


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