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July Photo Favorites

In an attempt to get this blog mostly caught up to date, here are my favorite photos from July! Be warned – this is a long post!   IMG_1705

We had a fun fourth of July at home. We cooked out and did fireworks in the backyard and watched some, also. Ava LOVES the 4th so much!IMG_1864

I think Reed was telling me Grant was crying!!! Like I couldn’t tell! ;)IMG_1887IMG_1855IMG_1795 IMG_1867 IMG_1871IMG_1878 

And Mr. Grant slept through the ENTIRE evening, fireworks and all!IMG_1875

Grant at six weeks old!IMG_1757

One night when we had Grant doing tummy time, he fell asleep. I walked in the other room and came back to find Reed had covered him with a burp cloth!!!! haha! IMG_1764

Grant and I often enjoyed an afternoon snooze together! :) IMG_1765

There is always a lot of help at bathtime!!IMG_1896 IMG_1897 

We spent many nights playing games as a family!IMG_1913

Can you believe this pouty face?!!IMG_1949 

Funny story – the first few weeks after Grant was born, I spent a lot of days at home, not going anywhere and stayed in my pjs. One week we had stuff to do and I got up and got ready, and one of the kids asked me why I was dressed like that?! HA!? They had forgotten what my real clothes looked like apparently!IMG_1972


Grant loves his sleep. LOVES it. I’ve never had a baby that sleeps quite like him. He takes LONG naps. And most of the time he goes to sleep very easily. One afternoon I wrapped him up and was going to rock him. I laid him on my bed to change the laundry. I wasn’t even gone two minutes and came back to find him fast asleep.IMG_1996 IMG_2009

Grant smiled for real for the first time on July 10!!! I waited and waited and waited for this day!IMG_2071 IMG_2073

One afternoon Grant woke up and was fussing so i unwrapped him. I left him in his bed to finish putting away laundry in the boys’ room and when I walked over to get him, he was back asleep.IMG_2076 

Can someone tell me why Ava looks sooooooooo grown up?!IMG_2097

When we had our annual termite inspection, Reed grabbed his flashlight and followed the guy around. The man was so sweet to explain to Reed what he was doing and showed him so many things. IMG_2205

Ava spent a few days at my parents’ house with my cousin who is her age. They had a blast! This was the day she left.IMG_2225

While she was gone, Reed got to have a special day! We went to ToysRUs to use a gift card he’d had since Christmas and then we had lunch. He had a great time!IMG_2273 

I love this sweet sleeping baby, especially when he lays like this! IMG_2299 IMG_2339 IMG_2351 

Reed got to have a play date with his best friend, Maggie! They had the best time and had another one the next week!IMG_2593 Zach’s sister got Grant this adorable outfit. Can you even handle the cuteness because I can’t!IMG_2621 IMG_2627 

My grandma had been saving this little outfit for my uncle for when he had children. He passed away earlier this year and asked if this would fit Grant. He looked so sweet in this little outfit and it meant so much to everyone to see him in it because they remembered my uncle wearing it as a baby!IMG_2642 IMG_2658 

Love me some baby yawns!IMG_2719

I found a recipe to make homemade ice cream in the mixer without and ice cream maker so we gave it a shot! The kids love helping me cook!IMG_2770 Since we made the ice cream at bedtime, we decided to live a little the next morning and have ice cream for breakfast!IMG_2779 

The one thing good that came out of Leslie’s passing is that we had the chance to see a lot of family we don’t get to see often. IMG_2898IMG_2930IMG_2937IMG_3288

Ava loves to hold Grant. The morning we were leaving for Leslie’s funeral in her hometown, Grant was fussing and wanting to be held and I needed to be packing. I asked Ava to hold him, and she usually jumps at the chance and she put him to sleep. These two are going to be big buds I have a feeling!IMG_2922

Whew! If you stuck around to the end, kudos to you! :)


  1. Loved all the photos and those sweet babies of yours have such beautiful blue eyes!! I love how easily Grant falls asleep, that is awesome and Ava is a rockstar getting him to sleep. Very impressive and prolly will make a great babysitter one day! The photo of Ava and Caroline is so precious. xoxo

  2. Your babies all have beautiful blue eyes.. Your calmness must be wearing off on your little guy- must be making him a great sleeper!


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