Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend wrap up

Friday afternoon I picked Reed up from school. His shoes were on the wrong feet and I told him that and he said “I wanted them that way”. ha! He also has this thing lately where he doesn’t want to smile when it’s sunny outside. It drives me crazy.IMG_3779

We had to turn in many different ways where the sun wasn’t shining and we finally got a smile! IMG_3784

I had a hard day Friday. Drop off was hard because Reed forgot his lunchbox and had a melt down. I was missing Leslie. And work was hard that day. I got home and Zach told me to sit down with this precious angel and he worked on getting the house picked up. I’m a lucky girl! IMG_3791

Also, can someone tell me how this girl is looking so grown up? She lost a tooth Saturday night while she was sleeping. She came in Sunday morning and said it fell out in her sleep. She thought she swallowed it but felt something stuck to her leg and it was her tooth! :)IMG_3790    

We went to a first birthday party for my little cousin Friday night and all three kids fell asleep on the way there!IMG_3811

Reed didn’t want to stop long enough to take a picture! ha!IMG_3813

I got some cute pictures Sunday morning before church. It was windy out a big thunderstorm was about to roll in but thankfully the kids were happy to cooperate!IMG_3846

I got Ava this dress earlier in the spring and it matched one I got last year but I never wore it while I was pregnant. She’s been begging me to match her so we did that today!IMG_3847

We had some family birthday parties this afternoon and my mom and dad were in town on their way home from being with Stephen and the girls. My dad wasn’t able to hold Grant for the first couple months of his life due to his cancer treatment so it’s nice to be able to take a photo of him holding Grant! IMG_3854

At the birthday party, Grant obviously got a lot of love from many others. Right before we left, he was sitting in my lap cooing to my grandma. She held him for just a minute and it was so sweet. It wasn’t too many weeks ago when she was so weak she didn’t even have the energy to hold him when he was teeny. We’re so thankful she’s feeling so much better. IMG_3858

It was a good weekend. We have a fairly busy week ahead including a busy next weekend. That’s life when school starts back up! :)


  1. That sleeping picture of Grant looks so much like a baby Ava! Adorable...all of them!

  2. Love your matching dresses-cannot wait to do that with Lilly!!!!

  3. That's a great story about Ava's tooth! Love the matching outfits and the sleeping baby photo is just too precious.


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