Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boo for sickies

Whew! The sickies have invaded our house this week. For the last almost two weeks, I’ve been battling sinus problems. Last week, I was hurting pretty badly one evening after work, and I drove by the walk in clinic and noticed no cars in the parking lot, so in I went. I got an antibiotic and Monday I finished it, but noticed I still had pretty bad sinus pressure.

Then came Tuesday. my head hurt SO SO badly. The pain was so intense and I could hardly think. I called the walk in clinic around noon and they told me I’d need to come back in. Instead of doing that, I went ahead and called my PCP and they were able to see me at 3:45.
While waiting for my appointment, I got a call from school telling me Reed wasn’t himself and that we should be prepared for sickness. Lovely. So I called Zach to warn him since I knew I had a dr’s appt. Fortunately he made it through to the end of the day.

By the time I got to the doctor, I was MISERABLE. MISERABLE. The pain and pressure was so bad. I told the nurse I’d just finished an antibiotic and was still hurting so she made me have an x-ray knowing the doctor would want it. He showed me my sinuses and said they were cloudy. He also said I had fluid in one of my ears. He sent me on my way with a stronger antibiotic.

It was gymnastics night and it seemed the lesser of two evils being in so much pain would be to sit through gymnastics instead of dealing with sick Reed. When I called Zach as we were leaving gymnastics to go get my Rx, he said Reed had fallen asleep at 6:15. Poor baby!

When we finally got home, I did a couple things and laid down. Laying down made it hurt worse and I just cried. The medicine the first doctor prescribed me to help with the pain finally kicked in after a couple hours and the pain eased enough to let me fall asleep.

We heard Reed wake up around 10:45. He had a drink, a little Tylenol since he felt warm, and sat with Zach for a few minutes and then went back to sleep. He woke up this morning fairly happy but you could just see in eyes that he wasn’t feeling great. He also sounded stopped up in his head. I called the doctor at 8:15 and got him an appointment for 2:45. Zach took him and the verdict was double ear infection, sinus infection, and a red, irritated throat. POOR BABY! Two days ago he was the happiest, giggliest little kid and this came on fast. I’m glad we got him in and got him some strong meds too.

My head is FINALLY feeling less like it’s going to explode which is good. I’m praying a couple more rounds of the antibiotic will help me feel good as new. I’m still waiting on the results from my ultrasound Monday morning. I’m planning on calling tomorrow to see what’s what!
And because we need one, a picture: Even though this baby is sick, he was in a pretty good mood tonight!IMG_7181
I’m praying we can get the sickies gone and get back to normal!!

edited to add: I just found out I have gall stones. I am meeting with the surgeon a week from Friday to discuss removal. I'm just grateful to have an answer!

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  1. I hope the sickies leave y'all alone soon! And even though he isn't feeling well...those blue eyes are SO beautiful!


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