Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Lookback

We had such a low key weekend which is nice compared to what we’ve had the past several months. We’ve just been so busy and we had stuff to do this weekend, but it was much more laid back than the weekends have been.

Friday evening, I had plans but before I left, I hung captured this big boy who thinks he is pretty hot stuff since he can climb on the couch now. IMG_7106

Friday, I met up with two blog/twitter friends! I met Gwen and Brittney and had SO much fun. I loved getting to meet up with some local girls. We sat and talked for two hours hardly taking a breath! I love that you can meet people and from talking to them for a long time , you feel like you’ve known them forever! We will definitely be doing this again!IMG_7110

Saturday we didn’t have anything to do all day until the evening. The kids both woke up at like 4:15. And after trying to get them back down, Zach got up with them about 5:30 and let me sleep in! I went to the walk in clinic Thursday afternoon for a severe sinus infection and hadn’t been sleeping well, so the extra sleep was nice!!!! When I woke up, we lounged for a bit and watch Reed practice his new climbing skills. IMG_7116

We also let him attempt to feed himself some yogurt! He likes to do it all on his own now! He needs some practice!IMG_7128

Zach had a function at school Saturday evening, and originally we were all going to go, but since it was at Reed’s bedtime, and since he’d gotten up so early, we decided I’d just stay home and Zach would take Ava. She was excited to go and had a good time socializing with Zach’s students and others she saw there that she knew! She looked cute too! IMG_7132

Since he woke the whole house up so early, Reed was TIRED. I was baking some cookies for some stuff we have coming up, and went to look for him, and found him in his room, with a blankie he’d pulled out of his crib, laying on the floor. IMG_7133

He was also SO tired that he fell asleep in my arms. this NEVER happens so I soaked that in for a while and just let him sleep with me. Love. IMG_7135

Yesterday afternoon we had a birthday party for two of my cousins! My mom showed Reed the balloons and he though that meant they were for him to play with! Pure joy!IMG_7149 IMG_7148

My grandma took him outside to play for a little while and he was so happy. he LOVES to play outside and since it was 75 degrees today, why not play outside?! He had a ball!IMG_7153 

We have a relatively low key week ahead so I hope it stays that way. I’d appreciate some prayers for me. I’ve had a couple sporadic episodes of ferocious abdominal pain. It’s really random and only lasts a few hours. My doctor doesn’t think it’s my gall bladder, but I am having an ultrasound this morning to check it out first. If that doesn’t show anything, he wants to possibly do a scope to check for an ulcer. I’d just like answers. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. So fun getting together! I hope you get some answers at the ultrasound. Unexplained pain is no fun.

  2. I hope your test(s) went well! If you are only getting an upper GI scope, it is no big deal. I hate the ultrasounds worse than anything. :)


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