Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Getting back in the groove

I didn’t intend to take more than week off from blogging, but with surgery and the holidays, it was just nice to take a break. I have some catching up to do and want to make sure and get some memories of Christmas recorded so I hope to do that in the next couple days.

My surgery went well. They called me the day before and pushed my check in time back from 10am to 11am. I wasn’t so happy about that but it was what it was. We got up that morning, took the kids to school, stopped at the store, and then came home and tidied the house. We checked in and I proceeded to wait another 45 minutes before they called me back. I wasn’t overly nervous, just anxious to get it done!

After getting into pre-op and getting settled, and waiting, my doctor was ready to go so they moved quickly to finish me up. I got my IV and the doctor came in to go over everything. We were the recipients of an unbelievably generous gift in the next moment. The surgeon’s daughter had attended the junior high where Zach works. Because he teaches band, he has kids for 3 years. The surgeon’s daughter was in his band, and after he left, his nurse came in to let us know that because Zach was his daughter’s favorite teacher ever, he would only be accepting payment from insurance for my operation and if we received a bill from them to call her!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I was almost wheeled to the OR in tears. We were so grateful and just awed at his incredible generosity. it was also a very proud moment for me that my wonderful husband had obviously impacted a child’s life so much that a parent wanted to recognize him in such an amazing way. There ARE still GOOD people in this world.

My operation went smoothly. When I was in post-op and Zach and my mom got to come in, Zach pulled out a cup. The doctor had saved some of my gall stones and gave them to him! I had EIGHT marble sized stones. YIKES! No wonder I felt so badly. I wasn’t in a great deal of pain, but also had a couple rounds of demerol in me. We got home and I settled into bed. I never slept but just rested. My mom brought the kids home around 7:00. I saw them and hugged them, took a pain pill, and went to bed. I didn’t rest well the first night.

The pain on Thursday wasn’t unbearable. I was sore and I did hurt. The pain in my shoulder from the gas was what was most uncomfortable. The pain that I had from the incisions and the surgery hurt, but honestly wasn’t quite as bad the pain from the attacks. It was kind of an odd day for Zach and I to be home without the kids for so long. And kind of nice. :) We started watching Parenthood and I was in and out most of the day.

I was so overwhelmed and touched by the so many people who reached out to offer us help during this time. My little family was so loved on with thoughts, prayers, offers of help with the kids, food, etc, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the sweet angels in our life who were so willing to help while we were dealing with this.

Each day has gotten a little better. I’m feeling much better. I’m still VERY tired, but hear that can last a while. I had my post-op appointment today and the doctor said everything looked great. He said my incisions are way ahead of where most people are at this point, so he I won’t even see them before long.

I’m still not 100%. But I am better… which is good because Zach is sick. He’s been feeling poorly and really started going downhill on Christmas Eve. He was at the walk in clinic at 8 am this morning and found he had bronchitis, a sinus infection and a throat infection. He got a breathing treatment, a shot, and several prescriptions. I’m praying he’ll feel better soon!

I hope to be back in the next few days to recap our Christmas! Until then, here’s a couple shots of our little cuties over the past few days!


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  1. So happy to hear your surgery went well and your surgeon's generosity? Wow, what a blessing...congrats to your hubby for being an amazing teacher (they are so under-appreciated in this day and age!). Here's to a speedy recovery and hope your hubby starts feeling better soon. I've been sick as well over the holidays and coughed so much I hurt my back-ouch! No fun at all but hopefully you all can take it easy and get lots of rest. Take good care.


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