Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Return of the Jana the Elf

Last weekend, we had a visitor return to our house! We had to do some stuff Saturday afternoon, and when we got home, our elf, Jana, had come back to stay with us for the Christmas season! IMG_6989

Ava was SO excited to walk in and see Jana! She has been much more into her this year. She liked her last year, but this year she is concerned with where she has moved each morning.


Every year, the kids have Christmas pjs. This year, Jana brought them instead! I love how happy Ava’s face is here!   IMG_1301

She loved her jammies!!!   IMG_6995

Didn’t get as successful a picture of Reed! ha!  IMG_6999

Another treat Ava got that weekend was her first cup of hot cocoa! She’s been talking and talking and talking about it and has never had any. So we thought it was time to let her have a taste of it! She was in chocolate heaven!!!!!IMG_7007IMG_7008IMG_7009

Love making sweet memories with my babies! Seeing so much joy and awe on their faces at this time is SO magical!!! Can’t wait for all the other excitement this season!!!!


  1. Ooooh these fun things make me want to have babies1 I want fun traditions like this!

  2. Funny about the cocoa thing...Caroline thought it was a great idea, too. Then she was too "scared" to drink it because she thought it would burn her! Just add another thing to her 'fraidy cat list! ;) Maybe Ava can convince her it's not that bad.


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