Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking back at 2012

It BLOWS my mind that another year has come and gone. I’ve been looking back at our 2012 on my blog and my poor heart just about broke seeing HOW BIG my babies got this year. I cannot believe it.

This year has been filled with highs and lows, as the years typically are. I’d say we had more highs than lows this year and looking through the pictures reassured me of one thing: we are SOOO VERY blessed.

Here’s a look back at our year! Some are special memories. Some are just favorites photos!




In February, Reed was baptized. It was a special day for him and for our family! IMG_7620IMG_7619 February was also a difficult month, as my grandpa passed away. Not only was it sad losing him, but it was sad for me to lose my first grandparent. I’m blessed to have my grandparents in my life and it was definitely a hard experience.

MarchIMG_7623 IMG_7621

AprilIMG_7624 IMG_7628

Zach celebrated his 29th birthday!!!IMG_7629



In June, Ava started gymnastics. She REALLY enjoys going to class each week and has learned so much in her short time taking it. She started out at one gym, and we’ve since switched and she continues to do well!IMG_7654


In July, Ava took a week long dance class to see how she would like it. She enjoyed it as well and takes classes at a small studio that we really love!IMG_7632  IMG_7631 IMG_7633



Ava on her 1st day of school!IMG_7634

I celebrated my 29th birthday! Bring on my 30s, 2013!! IMG_7635



Ava turned FOUR!!!!!!IMG_7638IMG_7639  


  Reed turned ONE!!!!!!IMG_7643

Zach and I had our first weekend of multiple nights away!!! It was AMAZING!IMG_7644 IMG_7645


Ava had her first dance recital! IMG_7646IMG_7647 IMG_7648 Zach and I celebrated six years of marriage!!!!!IMG_7649

DecemberIMG_7642IMG_7650IMG_7640    IMG_7651 IMG_7652 IMG_7641

2012 was a year full of joy, trials, and learning. I’m really excited to see what awaits us in 2013. While I’d like it to all be happy, I welcome whatever comes our way as that’s the story of our lives. Hope you’ll come along for the ride!

So let your heart hold fast, for this soon shall pass.” – Fort Atlantic

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  1. Oh my....the first picture...they were so little! I am almost crying for you! :)


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