Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend getaway!

This past weekend, Zach had a school function on Saturday that required him to be gone ALL day Saturday. Instead of sitting around the house by ourselves, the kids and I headed to Oklahoma City with my mom to visit my dad for the weekend.

The kids traveled well on Friday and they slept really well that night, which is always a toss up while traveling, especially with Reed getting over his ear infections. We woke up Saturday morning with plans to have some Christmas fun.

We went downtown to the Devon Building where the company hosts a Christmas extravaganza every Saturday! It was SO FUN! They had crafts and projects like decorating stockings and writing letters to Santa, as well as meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus. The building had really gorgeous decorations as well!!!

The first thing we did was meet Mrs. Claus! Ava wasn’t hesitant to walk to her AT ALL. I think she’s more hesitant with men but feels totally comfortable with women.IMG_7205

Reed didn’t really care who he was meeting. There was A LOT to look at and we couldn’t hold his attention.IMG_7206

We headed upstairs to meet Santa before the line got too long! I loved the decorations hanging from the ceiling!IMG_1319

As we were waiting to meet Santa, Ava started getting whiny and nervous. I wasn’t sure what she would do, but she sat with him and I got the sweetest picture! i LOVED that we were able to go and take our own photos here free of charge. SUCH a neat thing!IMG_1325 

Again, Reed wasn’t as impressed! But he didn’t freak out quite as badly as Ava did in the past!IMG_1326IMG_1331

  After meeting Santa, we let thim sit in Santa’s sleigh! As you can see, they LOVED this!IMG_7212

I tried to get a photo with them in front of the giant Christmas ornaments, but the kids just wanted to play by them!IMG_1358 

This was seriously such a neat thing for the kids to do. I hope we can go back and visit every year! If you’re in that area, you should definitely check it out!!!!

After we left there, we went to the mall for just a bit. I let the kids ride one of the coin operated rides and check out this joy!IMG_7223

We had some lunch after this and Reed kept shrieking at me with unhappiness. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. I finally realized instead of me dipping some chips in cheese dip for him, he wanted to do it himself. He ended up feeding himself cheese with a spoon. Whatever makes them happy sometimes!IMG_7224

That evening we went to Bricktown and rode the water taxi. It was fun looking at the lights, but it was a little anti-climatic. We probably won’t repeat that. IMG_7230

The kids were WORN out by the time we got home. Reed woke up that night around 1 and was WIDE awake. SInce we were in the same room, I took him out b/c I didn’t want him to keep waking Ava up and he just walked around and played. I was less than impressed with him at 2 am. IMG_7244

This was a photo of them before we left. It makes my heart happy!!!IMG_7251 

We had such a fun weekend and accomplished the task of meeting Santa! I love weekends filled with making memories with my babies!!!


  1. That looks like so much fun! : ) I love that you could meet Mrs. Claus too.... wish I could take Graham there but it's too far.

  2. Glad to know about your weekend event. Few months ago, arranged my nephew’s birthday at one of amazing venue Houston TX. Ordered a delicious birthday cake too and glad to host a lovely and perfect event.


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