Monday, December 17, 2012

Making memories

The sadness that unfolded throughout the day on Friday was unbelievable. As I read over coverage from the Newtown school shooting, my heart ached. The thought of those little, innocent babies being taken from their families by a madman was more than I could handle. We focused this weekend on spending time together and just enjoying each other.

I couldn’t help but think of those families who may have had a weekend planned like ours with a lot of Christmas activities.

All last week, when I asked Ava what she wanted for breakfast, she would ask for pancakes. She slept really late Saturday morning and Reed was ready for breakfast so I whipped up a batch of pancakes and figured she’d have some waiting. I also thought it’d be fun to make them in Christmas shapes! IMG_7355 IMG_7357

When Ava woke up and saw this plate, she was SO excited. She looked at her plate and said “I can’t believe it.” :)IMG_7359

After breakfast, I heard Zach and the kids playing, and the kids were giggling uncontrollably and I couldn’t stop the tears for thinking of parents who would never hear their child laugh again.

Zach had a lesson to help a student prepare some music to perform at Christmas service so he dropped us off at my parents’ house while he did that, and I helped my sister decorate my mom’s sugar cookies. She doesn’t mind baking them but hates decorating!

That evening, we headed to a local park to ride the Holiday Express to view a big light display. We have done this every year since Ava’s 2nd Christmas. It wasn’t overly cold, and we got there about 20 minutes before it was set to open and found a fairly long line. I got in line while Zach and the kids walked a little and looked at some of the other lights and then we traded off.

Excited Ava!IMG_7364IMG_7370  IMG_7371 IMG_7374

Church was a challenge again this weekend. Someone saw Reed this weekend and said “Oh, what a cute little boy. Does he like church?” Ha! No, no he doesn’t.

Friday I met with the surgeon and I’m scheduled to have surgery this Wednesday at 10am to remove my gall bladder. Because of this, I knew I needed to pretty much be ready to go for Christmas. So, I spent my Sunday afternoon wrapping all of our gifts. Everything is done, except one gift that’s coming via UPS tomorrow and something Zach has to put together for Ava.

Late in the afternoon, we went outside for a while. It was WARM here today and the kids always enjoy playing outside. IMG_7404IMG_7399

After dinner, we decided to take the kids out to look at Christmas lights. Ava LOVES lights and Reed even seemed to enjoy it. We’d drive by some and he’d say “oooooooooh”. It was so cute. Ava had to take several friends and a blanket for the drive.IMG_7407

I couldn’t get a great picture of them before we left b/c the flash kept making them close their eyes, but they were excited.IMG_7408

There were so many happy moments this weekend and lots of extra I love yous. I’m so thankful to have these blessings here with me and pray for those who are hurting from a lost loved one today.


  1. It is so heartbreaking. I felt the same thing this weekend whenever Cohen would laugh or hug me. I just can't imagine not having that little boy at home when I got there in the evenings! Sweet pics!


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