Monday, October 5, 2015

Annual ACH checkup

Reed had his annual ACH check up on September 24. We see the ENT who removed his thyroglossal duct cyst (twice) just to make sure all is good. We are thankful that we are able to travel to the ACH clinic in Lowell instead of having to drive to Little Rock for our visit. 

I picked Reed up from school around 9:00 and we headed up to his appointment. We had to wait for a little while and he kept himself occupied while we waited.IMG_5381

We finally got called back to a room and had to wait a little longer for the doctor.IMG_5386  IMG_5382

The doctor finally came in and he started talking to Reed. Reed was quite hilarious in answering him. He asked him several questions about how he was and if we was doing well. Then he asked him what he needed that day and Reed said , “Well, I need to go potty!” ha!

Fortunately, he had a very good check up!!! The doctor said we are most likely past the point of the cyst ever returning. He said he won’t say that it couldn’t, because he had an instance where a man had his come back maaaaaaaaaaaaaaany years later. Right now, his skin is also stretching a little so we’re going to just keep having annual check ups until we decide what we want to do regarding the surgery for his scar revision. He unfortunately has little points at each end of his scar, and while they are less prominent than they were a year ago, they are still noticeable. We aren’t making any decisions now. For now, we’re just thankful that he is cyst free!

We headed home after the appointment and that’s when everything fell apart. We had stopped to get lunch so he could eat before I took him back to school and he shoveled his food in. Twenty minutes later he started acting weird and then he gagged. I reached behind me and grabbed the trusty trash can I keep in the car (fortunately with trash bags), and pulled off the road as he proceeded to throw up. I wasn’t sure what to do with him (he has many isolated instances of one time vomiting due to bad allergies and drainage). We usually have to wait and just see. I took him to Zach who took him home and he got sick again. :( Unfortunately he had a bug. He and Ava were supposed to go to stay with Zach’s parents for a few days that afternoon and he kept saying he was okay because he wanted to go.

I had been back to work for an hour when I got a phone call from school that Ava had gotten sick. Joy. I left work and went to pick her up. They thought maybe she’d gotten overheated or dehydrated at PE but I told them I kind of doubted that since Reed was sick, too. All the way home she kept crying that she was just dehydrated. After she got sick a second time, she realized she was actually sick. Poor Reed was incredibly ill and was sick every thirty minutes for several hours.

While we’d been at the doctor that morning, I thought I felt a little weird. I kept telling myself it was all just in my head. When both kids got sick, I realized it probably wasn’t. I wasn’t as sick as the kids and never threw up but I definitely didn’t feel well that evening. It had gone away while I was driving home and dealing with the kids, and on my way to get Grant from school, the yucky feeling came back so I got Grant home and went to bed. I’d have moments of feeling okay and got up to help Zach with the big kids when I had the energy.

Fortunately, we all woke up feeling much better on Friday. The kids were out of school for teacher professional development so they didn’t miss a day. It was not a fun few hours, but I’m just glad they got it out of the way at the same time!

I’m hoping we won’t have any more sickness now for a while!

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