Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The last week at our house

Well, we survived a SUPER busy weekend and I’ll share about that soon, but first I wanted to catch up on a few things that happened before that.

After having a few nights where Grant was waking up around 4:00 a.m., I told Zach we were going to change it up. Now that he can roll over both ways, he’s started liking to sleep on his belly. I think being swaddled kept him stuck and after he woke up those few nights with his arms broken out, I flipped in on his belly and he slept better. So last Monday (9/28/15 for my records :)), we let him have his first night of sleep without his swaddle. And he slept all night. And has every other night. I just can’t believe how very fast my baby is growing up.IMG_5478

That same night, Reed asked me if he could do something and I said yes (watch a show on the ipad before bed) and he said "You're the best mom ever, the best mom I could have ever dreamed of." It was a pure, and totally heartfelt moment. It didn’t last long, because since then he told me I’m not the best mom ever anymore. ha!IMG_5479

Another sign of Grant growing up – he’s getting really good at sitting in his Bumbo!IMG_5492 

September 30th was the 10 year anniversary of our first date. It’s hard to believe we’ve been together for 10 years – it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long at all! I can still remember so many details of our first date very vividly and I’m thankful that I gave it a shot. I’ve documented our story before, but for any new readers, we didn’t get along well when we first met about six months before we started dating. I really had no expectations going into the date and was pleasantly surprised. There was never any questions after that night that we were together, and neither of us has ever waffled in that decision since that night. Thanks for being my forever date, babe. I love you.IMG_5516

That same day also marked a year to the day I found out this sweet baby boy was on his way! :) And look at him now!IMG_5502 IMG_5503  

This is my baby love. He seriously melts my heart. I love him so very much.IMG_5543

I’m so grateful we’ll all have this blog to look back on one day. There are so many precious memories I know this blog will help me re-live!

And finally, I was perusing the aisles of Target yesterday and came upon the coolest thing! IMG_5660 How fitting that this exclusive flavor came out so soon after Leslie’s death???? It was sad to see this name but it was also comforting. She would’ve loved this had she been around to see it! Of course, I had to buy some in her honor. She wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! ;)


  1. oh my stars, that ice cream. How fitting!!!! Is it yummy? I need to find some!

  2. When I saw Becky post that ice cream on IG, I could have cried. Then you did and I did cry!! And, please, Grant, slow down with the growing up on us! He's so cute. I'm glad Cohen isn't the only one who tells me I'm the best mom one minute and two minutes later I'm back to being a bad mom. ;)

  3. That baby boy of yours, oh my goodness he is just a ball of yummy, cuddly goodness. Those eyes, they just sparkle when he smiles!! I'd be melting too! I can't believe that ice cream!!! Super cool and I have got to find some of that!

  4. You are the best mom!!! Your kids are lucky to have you! That ice-cream picture just got me all teary again! Leslie would have loved that. Cannot wait to try it! Sometimes life just gives you that little push to show you that God is in the details! Wow!!! Just cannot believe this!


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