Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Five Months Old!

How in the world is my baby closing in on half a year old? Seriously? Where is time going? I can’t believe he is five months old today. Let’s see what he’s up to!IMG_6517IMG_6516

  • You are a JOY baby. You are so happy and love hamming it up!IMG_5517
  • You nurse in the morning before school and before bed. Sometimes you are hungry when you come home and nurse then, too. You moved up to 6 oz bottles during the days at school, but then you reverted back to 5 oz and have started going longer between feedings, too. On the weekends, you nurse pretty much just on demand, but usually about five times a day.
  • You still love to sleep and take two several hour naps on the weekend.
  • You are wearing mostly six months clothes. The weather is still warm so I’m still squeezing you in some three months stuff.
  • You are in size 2 diapers.
  • You probably weigh around 16/17 lbs I’m guessing? You were 15lbs 7oz at your 4 month check up. I’m sure you’ve chunked up a little more since then.
  • You have the chubbiest legs – your knees have fat rolls that I love! IMG_6277 IMG_6287IMG_6291
  • You have really started showing interest in toys and you grab and bat at them, and at other things.
  • You are cooing all the time. Your daddy thinks you will be a talker because you “talk” a lot right now.
  • You LOVE to put your feet in your mouth and play with them.  IMG_5668 IMG_5664
  • You go to sleep around 7:00-7:30 and sleep until around 6:30 because that’s when we have to get up to get you fed and ready for school.
  • You are slowly working on sitting up. You aren’t close yet but you are working on getting strong enough to do so.
  • You are playing for longer periods of time before getting fussy. IMG_6298
  • You stopped sleeping in your swaddle this month. For a few nights you slept in your sleep sack on your back.  IMG_5478
  • Now you’ve stopped sleeping in anything altogether and are officially a tummy sleeper!IMG_5407 IMG_5406 IMG_6249
  • Your brother and sister love you so much, and the feeling is mutual. IMG_6315

You are growing so much, and so fast, sweet boy. I love watching you accomplish new things and know we have such a fun road ahead of us with you. I pray that you always adore me as much as you do right now and I pray that you have a life filled with happiness and so many blessings. You bring us so much joy and happiness and it’s hard to remember our family without you! We’re so grateful for you, sweet boy!



  1. Sweet, the three of them together is so cute! So happy that you have such a good baby. Such a blessing.

  2. Such a sweet post! He is just precious!


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