Monday, October 19, 2015

Candid moments

These are just some random moments from last week that I wanted to share.

I love this kid’s big blue eyes! They are so gorgeous!IMG_6169

Grant has found his feet in the last few weeks and is obsessed with them. He loves putting his toes in his mouth ;)IMG_6193

A new American Girl catalog came in the mail last week. Ava was in heaven – the catalog is almost as good and provides as much entertainment as the actual items do!IMG_6195 

These two love each other. Ava has to hold him at least every day, sometimes in the morning and at night. She loves it when he sits with her.  Also, could he be any cuter with those dimples????IMG_6218  

Thursday evening I went out to dinner with my friend and when I got home, all the kids were asleep. I didn’t hate that I got to miss bedtime one night! ;)IMG_6253 Love our life full of these happy days!


  1. What is it when baby's find their feet?! So stinking adorable!!! His thighs?! Ugh, so squishable, I love it. That's sweet how much Ava loves her baby brother. She is an awesome big sister.

  2. Baby feet, and baby eyes, makes me wanna come snuggle


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