Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And the growing up continues..

So, I guess it's time for an update on the Little Miss. First and foremost, I noticed last week that her 2nd tooth was getting ready to break through! I wish she would just slow down (although, it's not really like she had a say in these teeth coming in). But seriously, she has two teeth and she's not even five months old yet!

In the last week her "talking" has increased drastically. She loves to chatter and has also discovered how to blow raspberries. She's doing it all the time. She also has developed the cutest little giggle. She sounds like a little lamb. At church this past weekend, she kept doing this giggle and everyone around us was laughing. She's actually doing it at the moment. Too cute. :)

In other news, she got her 2nd round of shots today. I hate the way it makes her scream but I know it's necessary. We got down quickly today and while we were waiting for Zach to get off work (he took off the afternoon to take care of her), we made a trip to Mommy's work. I hadn't taken Ava there since before I went back, and people had been mentioning wanting to see her. So we went in for a little bit and she was a little ham. She plays coy at times and it's hilarious. She would just stare at some people and then smile at some. She didn't cry and even let my cousin I work with hold her. Such a good girl!

Ava on her 1st Valentine's Day

Me with one of my Valentines

Ava cheesing for Uncle Nick yesterday while he and Stephanie baby-sat


  1. I love those giggles! You should record her doing it and put it on here!! Cute Valentine outfit too!

  2. She is so precious! Love her V Day outfit!


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