Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here we go again..

Sometimes I wish Ava could talk to us and tell us what is wrong with her. We've known something was wrong with her, just not what. Last Tuesday she had shots and that night, she started waking up ALL. NIGHT. LONG. We haven't dealt with that in a long time. Well, it's been happening ever since. She's also teething so it's always hard to know what's what - shots, teeth, something more? Last night during the middle of the night, she kept getting really upset and didn't sleep well. My mom called me early this afternoon as I was getting back from lunch to tell me Ava was running a fever, so I called the dr. Thankfully, they were kind enough to see us tonight at 5:40. She has her first ear infection. I am very grateful it's only in one ear. She is back on the same antibiotic as she was a couple of weeks ago and got some ear drops so we're hoping the combo of those will help her (and us!) a good night's sleep tonight. I know we all need it!

You can see the poor baby doesn't feel well!


  1. aww! Poor lil baby. I hope she starts feeling better soon. Those ear drops always help Kili a lot. I hope ya'll are able to get rest too.

  2. I was going to guess an ear infection! Hope she's better soon!

  3. :( That just plain makes me sad...Hope she is feeling better soon!


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