Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quiet week

It has been a fairly quiet, uneventful week at our house. I'm definitely ready for the weekend and some time away from work!! Here are a few new pics of Miss Ava.

It worries me that crawling won't be far off

Can you see the tiny little mark under eye? Her Grandma accidentally caught her face when she was trying to undo her carseat from the car yesterday. It's obviously not bad, but it is her first mishap. She's fine but I'm not sure who cried harder - Grandma or Ava!

Aunt Stephanie came over for a little while tonight to play with Ava. Monday Zach and I both have to work but daycare is closed and Stephanie is going to watch Ava. She can be a particular little girl though, so we wanted to give her some time getting used to Aunt Steph watching her.


  1. my little Kili is sooo particular too. She goes to daycare Tue/Thur when I have classes. She is just now getting to where she will take a bottle from them. Makes me a little crazy.

  2. What a cutie! It looks like crawling is going to happen VERY soon! :D


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