Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still not better..

There hasn't been much to report lately, mainly because Ava still isn't well. I am SO ready for my little girl to be herself again. This cold she has is taking its sweet time in hitting the highway. Monday afternoon she seemed really bad again and was fussy, cranky and inconsolable. I called the pediatrician because he said if she wasn't noticeably better in 2-3 days to come back. So I took her back Monday after work, and he actually thought her chest sounded better but the poor thing just didn't feel well. She wasn't eating well either, which I was warned could be a side effect of her antibiotic. So, we were just supposed to monitor her and see if she improved.

Yesterday morning she woke up and had some of her fiestiness back and I thought we may have finally been on the track to getting well. She ate ALL day long and was very well behaved.

And now today. I called to check on her before my lunch because I wanted to see if she needed some Butt Paste on her rear. (Antibiotics do not make for pretty side effects, especially in diaper-wearing infants!) I hadn't signed a form yet for them to give her this so if she needed it I would have to go up there. Well, they told me they were worried about her because she had only eaten ONE ounce since I'd dropped her off. ONE - since 6:30 in the morning! I tried feeding her and she wouldn't take much from me. I was going to take her home, but her sweet teachers said she wasn't misbehaving and didn't have fever so they would just watch her and call me if anything changed. She wasn't acting as though she felt bad today; she just wasn't being the normal Ava.

I walked out of there crying. Now I know there are many others who are in situations much worse than mine, but it is SO incredibly hard to see your baby sick and not be able to do anything to make it better. She has been SUCH a trooper and I'm so proud that she's such a good girl. The director of her daycare told me today that Ava is their best and well-behaved baby and it made me so happy. But I feel completely helpless. It just feels like such a roller coaster and I just wish I could make her all better. But, I know healing comes in time and we'll just keep praying that she gets healthy soon.

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