Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I can't believe I forgot!

Friday night Zach was at the store and I was playing with Ava and she was talking and making noises and all of a sudden I heard "Mama"! I was excited because most of the time, babies say Da-da first. Zach kept telling me that while he was home with her all summer he was going to teach her to say Da-da and not Mama, but I guess she showed him! She also said it again on Saturday and he heard her then!

Sunday morning before church, I brought Ava into our room when she woke up and we were playing with her and she was jabbering and I kept saying her name and said, "Can you say Ava?" and she sounded her name! It was too cute! We both just laughed. Of course her name is very easy to say so it was easy for her to make the sound. It was just funny the way she said it right after I asked her if she could.

Just another little thing about my girl I don't want to forget!

**EDIT** This morning when I dropped Ava off at school, they told me she'd been saying Mama there too! Maybe that means I'm doing something right! :)

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