Sunday, February 1, 2009

It got worse before it got better..

After starting antibiotics on Thursday night, I was hopeful Ava would start feeling a little better. Poor baby has just not felt good for the last week. She was extremely fussy on Friday and we got her home and into bed. Saturday morning she woke up and seemed better. Her appetite had even improved and we thought maybe we were on an upswing..
I had to go to Fayetteville yesterday morning to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress and when I got back we had lunch with my siblings b/c two of my brothers were in town. My parents said we could leave Ava with them, so we did. When we went to pick her up, they said she had been cranky the whole time and very unhappy. So, we loaded her up and brought her home. Her congestion yesterday seemed so much worse than it had been, and it must have been upsetting her poor tummy. I always wondered how you would know the difference between a baby spitting up and vomiting, and let's just say I now know. She threw up all over herself & Zach. And then she acted MUCH better. She didn't sound congested at all. I was worried all of the meds she's had pumped into her had made her sick but my mom seemed to think it was just the drainage upsetting her belly. She went to sleep for a few hours and woke up and seemed fine. We had a birthday dinner at my parent's house for my mom's birthday and she was playing and laughing and was hungry, so we gave her a small bottle of Pedialyte. She was still hungry and my mom said we could probably give her a little formula so we did. I bet she regrets that. She was rocking Ava to sleep and went to get her blanket and all of a sudden we heard "Help me!" Ava threw up again, all over herself and all over my mom. I felt horrible. We packed Ava up brought her home, gave her a bath and a small bottle of Pedialyte and put her to bed. No more milk for her!
She slept until about 5:30 this morning and so far has had 2 Pedialyte bottles and a small 2 oz. bottle of formula. She's kept it down so far, so we hope we're past the worst. She's even been playing some and acting more like her old self. I'm so ready for my sweet girl to feel better! It's horrible seeing her so miserable!

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  1. Goodness...I hope Miss Ava keeps feeling better and better. Poor little angel...

    I thought that was funny what you said about the spitting up vs. vomiting. Kate was a puker from birth until about 6 months of age. For about the first 2 months of her life Brad and I were constantly saying, "Is this a vomit or just a little pukey?" Ha...good times!!

    Again, we'll say a prayer that Ava feels better. I also watched the video and her talking is adorable. I did hear her hoarse voice. Kate was over playing with her toys and crawled over to the computer to see who was "talking to her"!!


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