Monday, August 27, 2012

29 and holding!

Saturday was my 29th birthday! I’m officially in my last year of my 20s! I had a good day with my little family.
That morning, I was unloading the dishwasher and turned around for a second. When I turned back, I saw this.IMG_5215He had been attempting this for a very long time and we’ve always caught him. He was finally faster than me. :)
Zach’s school had their annual tailgate game and his kids were performing. They have food, drinks, and other things so I took the kids out there in the morning to watch Zach’s performance. Ava got her face painted and saw her best friend from school!
After the game, we headed to the mall to exchange some stuff and we decided to have a quick lunch there. While Zach was dealing with a massive blowout by Reed, Ava and I took pictures!IMG_5218
After lunch, Zach took the kiddos home and I went out for a little shopping by myself! It was wonderful! It was nice to just browse at my leisure and have a little me time. I got a new pair of jeans, a new pair of shoes, and a couple new necklaces. Successful afternoon!
We had planned on dinner out but the kids were incredibly cranky. Reed took a very late afternoon nap and we decided to chance it. However, the place I wanted to go had a really long wait and with two kids who were hungry, it wasn’t happening. We ended up at another restaurant I enjoy but never go because it’s not one of Zach’s favorites.IMG_5233
My yummy birthday dessert!IMG_5238
After dinner we came home and the kids played a little bit before bed. Reed kept crawling under Ava’s chair and thought it was funny to be stuck!!!IMG_5244
I had a great birthday spending it with my three favorite people. Right now the thought of turning 30 really doesn’t phase me. I hope that continues. :) I’m planning on year 29 being fabulous!!! :)


  1. Happy belated birthday! I'm also an August baby (23rd). That last picture of Reed is so funny and cute at the same time.


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