Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend recap

I don’t like to wish my life away, but weekends are truly my favorite and I am always ready for them!
Friday night, Zach and I went to his school’s annual back to school bash. It’s just a fun, laid back cook out where his co-workers and spouses can all gather and hang out before the school year gets started. We had a good time even though it was blazing hot. Yes, an outdoor party in August. Bleh.
Saturday morning Reed decided to start his day at 5:20. I tried my hardest to get him back to sleep with no luck. So we both got up. I closed Ava’s door so she would sleep longer and Reed kept crawling down the hall sitting in front of her door waiting on her to wake up.IMG_4842
Ava finally woke up and we tried to be quiet so Zach could sleep in. I made the kids pancakes and Ava was so surprised when I handed her plate to her and her pancakes had “sparkles” in them!
Later in the morning, we ran a few errands. It was sales tax free weekend and I didn’t feel like fighting the crowds but we did get a few clothes for Zach and the kids.
Ava went to a birthday party Saturday evening and had fun as always. She is so stand offish and doesn’t like to try things that scare her but once she tries, she always has fun. I don’t want her missing out on things b/c she is scared. I think I was a lot like that and am sad that there were things I wouldn’t do.
This morning we went to church early and then we made a couple stops at stores that were open early. We managed to get some deals while avoiding the crowds – double win in my book! There were lots of sales and I’m glad to have everyone set for fall (ya know, everyone but me!)!
After that we came home, had lunch and forced the kids to take naps. I did some work getting things ready for dinner as we had friends coming over. Homemade Mexican – fajitas, rice, queso! Yum!!
Zach starts professional development today for the school year! The kids are out this week. Reed’s last day in the baby room was Friday and when he goes back next week, he’ll be in the next class! My baby boy is growing too fast!
All in  all a good weekend! Here’s hoping for a good week too!

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