Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend life

We had a QUIET weekend which was MUCH needed after our busy week last week. Friday evening we ran to Sam’s. We ended up coming across a great deal on a new booster car seat for Ava so we got it. Zach put it together and Reed decided the box was a great toy to play on. IMG_5095
Apparently he also thought it was a great tool to climb. IMG_5096
Saturday morning we woke up to cloudiness and RAIN! It was dark outside and we were all in bed until after 8. This NEVER happens at our house. One of our kids is usually up a little past 6, and NEVER after 7:30. We certainly enjoyed a late morning sleeping in. We worked around the house and did our grocery shopping. Last night we watched a movie and ate pizza. Nice and low-key and perfect.
We went to church and our kids were so good this week which is nice for a change. This morning, Ava was acting sassy and needed a time out. Reed wanted to make sure she was ok. (i promise she has on panties. Also, the looking down was just for effect. I’m pretty sure until I walked over there she was touching Reed. IMG_5109
This afternoon, I took some food to a family with a new baby. I stopped at Target on my home. I picked up some new shoes for Reed and I needed to try them on him. I asked Ava to go get me a pair of socks. She came back with some of her frilly socks. We made it work. :) Isn’t he cute in his football jersey and fancy socks? IMG_5120
And finally, a video of Reed using his walking toy. I had NO idea he could do this until I put it in front of him one day. I couldn’t believe it!

I love weekends when we have lots of down time and can get things done around the house and spend time together. Can’t beat it!

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